Sunday, July 3, 2011

Easter Sunday 2011!

I realize that I've skipped posting about our 2010 Christmas...Tyler had bought a video camera for me a few month before and once Christmas was over, I realized that I had video-taped most of our Christmas (which I was very happy to be able to do) but realized that I hadn't taken any PHOTOS. :-( SO moving on...

Although I neglected to blog about it until now, Easter really did hit the Caudle home...and I've included pictures to prove it! This year I actually accomplished my sewing goal of making Easter outfits/accessories for the kids. I made Addy and Shaylee peasant-style dresses (not crazy about the Anne of Green Gable-style sleeves on Shaylee's dress, but she doesn't like cap sleeves right now!?), and I made bow-ties for the boys. I may be partial, but I think they all looked pretty adorable for church that day!

Hope you all had a terrific Easter!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Our Thanksgiving 2010

Our Thanksgiving was wonderful and delicious! Although I don't have pictures of the spread...I do have pictures from an imprompu little photo shoot we did in our backyard before we had our feast! I am very thankful that Tyler has family here because I miss having big get-togethers on just wouldn't seem like a holiday without any family! It was nice that Tyler's parents were able to be with us on that day!

I can't remember what Addy was upset about...but she ended up refusing to let me take any individual pictures of her. Normally you can't keep her OUT of a picture!

Our little shoot wasn't anything fancy (just ourselves, a point and shoot camera, and a tripod), but we had fun and were able to get fun, quick shots and the memories will last a lifetime! I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving...I'm so thankful for all the wonderful family and friends that the Lord has blessed me with!

Halloween 2010

This year for Halloween, Cayden was a Transformer (Megatron), Shaylee was the Corpse Bride, Addy was Pebbles from "The Flinstones", and Zach was Bam-Bam! I made Addy's and Zach's costumes out of fleece and a little felt, and then made 2 bones for their accessories! These pictures are from our church Trunk or Treat, which is always really fun! Halloween fell on a Sunday this year and unfortunately the city chose to keep trick or treating on that day so we chose not to go out on Halloween night, but the kids were able to get plenty of candy through the trunk or treat and their school halloween carnivals! On Halloween night, we watched "Corpse Bride" and ate popcorn!

This is Steff (my husband's brother's wife) and her two kids...she made their costumes, too! I thought the Ariel wig was hilarious/adorable!
Grandma & Grandpa Caudle, and Tyson (my hubby's cousin)

These are the Kauer cousins!

Shaylee's costume creeped me out a bit...I'm not big into scary costumes...but she really wanted to be the Corpse Bride, so I did her make up and made her look creepy. When that girl has made up her mind, it's nearly impossible to change it!

Three Birthdays!

Three birthday have occured since I last updated this blog!?! Cayden turned 6 this year and is quite the smarty! He is the very top kid in his class...and there we were worried that he wasn't going to be able to sit still and focus (he gets in his own little world, whether it's at home or at a store crowded with people and makes sound affects with his mouth as he swings his imaginary light sabers and thwarts off imaginary enemies)! His teacher is constantly praising him and says that he seems to be the leader of the class. Lately at home, he enjoys making credit cards, gift cards, and money out of paper for his "store" that is in his bedroom. He is also contstantly making books and even puts sentences in his books with his illustrations.

Zach's & Cayden's birthday are only a week apart so we celebrated them together! Zach was able to have his first cupcake and I think I can safely say that he enjoyed it, although he was VERY careful not to make himself too messy (he doesn't like messy)! Zach changes so much from month to month. Lately he enjoys climbing onto the kitchen table to see if there is anything to get into up there! He is always smiling & laughing, and like all our other children, he loves to dance! He dances very carefully though (slowly), and makes sure he puts plenty of squats into his dance moves to build up those adorable chubby thighs!

Shaylee turned "10" this year!! She loves school, especially the socializing part! She just started playing basketball and is really enjoying it. I'm excited to go watch her in her first game soon (volleyball was a little boring - the kids either ALL watched the ball fall, or they ALL called for it and ran into eachother)! She loves doing ANYTHING artsy and craftsy. She often helps Cayden with his book publishing, and has recently opened up her own shop in her room as well! :-)

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Back to School!

So I have a LOT of catching up to do from summer happenings but my computer that has most of my summer pictures is dead and my power cord for it is messed up so I'll have to post about our summer another time! Today I wanted to share just a few pics taking recently, some of which are back-to-school pictures! I sent THREE members of my little family to school on Wednesday! Well, actually I sent my two oldest to school (all-day!), and Tyler started full-time classes at a local college here the same day. He is doing his classes online so that he can still work full-time. I've done some online classes before, but his classes seem way more intense than any I've taken so far!
Shaylee is really enjoying her new class even though neither of her best friends are in there with her. Her teacher is my age and dresses and decorates the class very trendy, so Shaylee is in heaven at school (Shaylee LOVES fashionable people...apparently I'm not included in that group....but her Aunt Nicole is!!). Cayden lucked out and ended up in the same class as his best friend from Preschool and he's adjusted to going to school all day flawlessly!
It's a little sad with just Addy & Zach home now, mainly because they get bored so much easier! Addy and Zach BOTH love to play with and watch the older kids. When they are at school...often Addy will get bored and go lay on her bed and suck her thumb, and Zach gets cranky much earlier in the mornings because he's bored I have to spend much more time than usual keeping them entertained!! They both take naps well, so I do still get "me" time while they nap, which is usually spent sewing (when I don't have a ton of cleaning to do).
I have to admit, Zach is our funniest baby. He is so goofy (which he gets from both of his parents!), WAY too adorable, snuggly, and extremely clever. He is also our first climber! He is 11 months now and was our slowest at learning to walk (he was about 10 1/2 months), but he can now climb onto the couch, and turn around and get back down. He could DANCE before he could even walk...when he hears music he either starts dancing, or starts leading the music with one hand. His giggle can make ANYONE laugh (we get stopped at stores ALL the time by people wanting to comment how adorable he is...and many comment about how beautiful ALL my children are...and there I thought maybe I'm just biased ;-). Zach has his two front bottom teeth, but only one top front tooth and one to the side of Shaylee says he looks like a Cabbage Patch Doll!

Hope everyone is enjoying the transition from Summer to Fall!!!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

My Little Helper

Addy & I made some rolls today.
(Yes that washing machine is in my kitchen and has some awesome wood-looking adhesive tile behind it. If we owned this would be ripped out today.)

Addisyn (my 2-year old) has been changing a lot lately. She is VERY independent...which is pretty annoying when I'm trying to help her. Hmmm...unfortunately stubborness runs through both sides of her family so she was doomed!

She has started being very helpful. This morning she snuck into the bathroom while her daddy was in the shower, and she laid a washcloth on the floor for him to step onto (I threw out our old bathmat and haven't bought a new one yet!)...then as soon as he turned off the water, she grabbed a towel and stood there to hand it to him! She does things that seem so random to us...but she's really just copying what she sees us do. She LOVES to help me cook (all my kids do though) and when it's my "turn" to put a scoop of something into the bosch mixer, she says "Good job!". She loves to ask "What doing?" anytime we are going to the store, or if I go outside for just minute to take the trash out. She loves to get baby wipes and "clean" the coffee table, as well as help me move laundry from the washer to the dryer, and fold washcloths.

On the other hand, she has started to hit her terrible two's!! I don't know if she hasn't been feeling well (she just got over the croop a week ago!) but she has been crying over EVERYTHING. I can see that Addy is going to be a pretty emotional girl, just like her big sister! When I have to count to 3 so that she'll do I say "1" she'll says "k", I'll say "2", she'll say "K" a little louder, then by "3" she'll says "K!" like "hello mom I'm already DOING it, stop counting!" That's how my oldest child acts when I start counting. They REALLY dislike when I count. Reminds me of on Transformers when the dad starts counting for his teenage son to open the door and the mom says something like "oh boy, now he's counting". Haha! She also gets into EVERYTHING now. As soon as I turn my back from her to clean something up, she's into something else. HOLY COW!!! Atleast she was potty trained by the time she turned 2...and rarely has night-time accidents...easy potty-training is a HUGE blessing.

Addy is also very funny with her baby brother. She sees how we all talk baby-talk with Zach, so she talks that way to him, is SOOOO cute! She drives me a little insane lately but she's so stinkin' cute that it's hard to be mad at her.

Anyway, I should be doing some dishes, but I figured I better write down these memories before they fly by and I forget! The kids are out of school for the summer so hopefully I'll have lots of fun things to blog about.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Trip to the Kauer's

A few months ago I met Tyler's cousins, Christy & Tyson for the first time! We've really enjoyed getting to be good friends with them and can't wait til Christy and the kids are down here permanently (well for 4-5 years...which is considered permanent in this transient military town)! One weekend the kids and I went down to their beautiful home in San Antonio...and we went to the Zoo while we were down there! I remember my parents taking us to the zoo many times so it's a special place for me!

Addy, David, and Cayden

This picture obviously wasn't taken at the Zoo, but I had to throw it in because Zach loved their feeding chair...apparantly it's like the one in Calvin & Hobbs? It's pretty awesome!

"A" is for Addy! Addy LOVES the letter A so she was really excited to get a picture in front of one!

Shaylee & Indlyss...beautiful names for beautiful girls!

So precious...Zach loved holding Indy's hand while I pushed the stroller!

So this is weird animal comes from the GIRAFFE family...I remember it started with a "K"...where do they FIND these animals??!! We also saw something that looked like a was a DEER pig!

I asked my kids to get together for just one shot...this is what I got. Shaylee is enthralled in the map, Cayden is undoubtedly mad that he's been pryed away from his new best friend/cousin David for two whole seconds, and Addy and Zach are just doing their own thing. Thanks guys, you are such troopers to humor your mom. ;-)

Here's the only pic I have of Christy, but I'm sure that even from this angle you can see how gorgeous she is!

The trip was a lot of fun and I'm so glad that Christy and Tyson were so willing to house me and all of my hyperactive rugrats! We love you guys!!