Saturday, January 1, 2011

Our Thanksgiving 2010

Our Thanksgiving was wonderful and delicious! Although I don't have pictures of the spread...I do have pictures from an imprompu little photo shoot we did in our backyard before we had our feast! I am very thankful that Tyler has family here because I miss having big get-togethers on just wouldn't seem like a holiday without any family! It was nice that Tyler's parents were able to be with us on that day!

I can't remember what Addy was upset about...but she ended up refusing to let me take any individual pictures of her. Normally you can't keep her OUT of a picture!

Our little shoot wasn't anything fancy (just ourselves, a point and shoot camera, and a tripod), but we had fun and were able to get fun, quick shots and the memories will last a lifetime! I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving...I'm so thankful for all the wonderful family and friends that the Lord has blessed me with!


WalkConkies said...

They turned out so cute! I thought the one you sent for Christmas must have been professional. I've decided that family picture day is NOT my favorite day of the year, but it is all worth it, right?!? The halloween costumes turned out cute too!

Summers Family said...

CUTE pictures!!!!


Thanks Emma & Heidi!
Family picture day isn't my favorite thing either...and the kids & hubby usually detest it, but it's definitely worth it once it is done and over with! :-) Besides, I LOVE getting other people's Christmas cards with a photo in I have to get better about taking pictures and sending them out, too!