Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Back to School!

So I have a LOT of catching up to do from summer happenings but my computer that has most of my summer pictures is dead and my power cord for it is messed up so I'll have to post about our summer another time! Today I wanted to share just a few pics taking recently, some of which are back-to-school pictures! I sent THREE members of my little family to school on Wednesday! Well, actually I sent my two oldest to school (all-day!), and Tyler started full-time classes at a local college here the same day. He is doing his classes online so that he can still work full-time. I've done some online classes before, but his classes seem way more intense than any I've taken so far!
Shaylee is really enjoying her new class even though neither of her best friends are in there with her. Her teacher is my age and dresses and decorates the class very trendy, so Shaylee is in heaven at school (Shaylee LOVES fashionable people...apparently I'm not included in that group....but her Aunt Nicole is!!). Cayden lucked out and ended up in the same class as his best friend from Preschool and he's adjusted to going to school all day flawlessly!
It's a little sad with just Addy & Zach home now, mainly because they get bored so much easier! Addy and Zach BOTH love to play with and watch the older kids. When they are at school...often Addy will get bored and go lay on her bed and suck her thumb, and Zach gets cranky much earlier in the mornings because he's bored too...so I have to spend much more time than usual keeping them entertained!! They both take naps well, so I do still get "me" time while they nap, which is usually spent sewing (when I don't have a ton of cleaning to do).
I have to admit, Zach is our funniest baby. He is so goofy (which he gets from both of his parents!), WAY too adorable, snuggly, and extremely clever. He is also our first climber! He is 11 months now and was our slowest at learning to walk (he was about 10 1/2 months), but he can now climb onto the couch, and turn around and get back down. He could DANCE before he could even walk...when he hears music he either starts dancing, or starts leading the music with one hand. His giggle can make ANYONE laugh (we get stopped at stores ALL the time by people wanting to comment how adorable he is...and many comment about how beautiful ALL my children are...and there I thought maybe I'm just biased ;-). Zach has his two front bottom teeth, but only one top front tooth and one to the side of it...so Shaylee says he looks like a Cabbage Patch Doll!

Hope everyone is enjoying the transition from Summer to Fall!!!