Monday, March 16, 2009

Some People's Children!

We've been having trouble with a 5 year-old girl next door. She comes into our carport and backyard, towing an older girl along with her. They steal things. They move things. The little girl even peaks in our windows throughout the day (doesn't even knock, just watches...scares the crap out of me). One night at 8:30 p.m., our kids were in bed and it was dark outside...Tyler had a friend over and they were opening baseball cards the friend had ordered out at the kitchen table. All of a sudden the little girl knocks on our side door and yells "GOODNIGHT", then laughs and runs away (our side light wasn't even on so we wouldn't have known it was her if we didn't know her voice!). Months back, Tyler had a few fireworks sitting in the carport (ya, great place for them) and this little girl steals them and lights them off in her front yard (don't ask me how she was lighting them...we didn't have matches or anything outside). I've never been SO frustrated with a child before!!!!!!!!!!!! I keep telling her where she needs to stay away from so she's not playing in our carport, but then she badmouths me to her older friend when she thinks I can't hear her, and keeps sneaking back into the carport when she thinks I can't see her. This probably seems silly to you but it's just so annoying...I can't stand it when kids are bratty to adults. She also knocks on the side door to see if Shaylee can play, Shaylee usually doesn't want to, then the girl grills her with "why not's" for ten minutes, then the girl leaves and comes back 5 minutes later to ask if she wants to play now. It can go on for hours.
Anyway, today we all went in the backyard to take some family pictures, and our landlord's grandson came over to find out what was going on. We explained the problems, & then when the little girl's mom came over, he decided he better not get TOO involved yet (his grandparents own the neighbor's house too)! She tried to "nicely" scold me for telling her daughter twice that I'd call the cops if she couldn't stay off our land (Actually the girl kept asking what I was going to do if she didn't stay off our land, so I finally told her ONE TIME, that first I'd talk to her mom, then if it continued, that I would have to talk to the cops about trespassing...which sounds ridiculous but if she wasn't stealing things then this wouldn't be as bad of an issue) The woman says she works at home and she just recently took her daughter out of daycare. She works from home but doesn't have time to watch her all day so she lets her run around with two older kids that keep going into people's backyards, too!? She kept pointing out that her daughter is only five, yet my son is 4 and I always make sure he is respectful of people and their land and things.
Sorry this is a long venting post. I guess I have to accept that I can't change other people and their children, but I can make sure that MY kids are respectful of others. Ugh, I hate contention. Maybe I'll have to make some cookies to take over or something to help clear the air. Sometimes I really wish I didn't have such a guilty conscience.

Monday, March 2, 2009

My first Doctor's Appt for the Baby!

Yesterday at 10:30 a.m. I had my first Doctor's appt for my pregnancy. It's always exciting to go in when you know you'll get to hear the heartbeat for the first doesn't really feel real to me until then! Anyway, when I got there they asked if I knew I'd missed my Sonogram at 8:30. WHAT?? It's not routine to have one at 11 weeks here so I was a little confused, but still happy that I'd get to see the baby so early! Tyler wasn't able to be there and he was REALLY kicking himself when I told him he didn't just miss out on HEARING the heartbeat, I got to SEE it! Oh so yes they squeezed me in for one anyway, and I was able to get a picture. That's the earliest I've ever had a sonogram and I was shocked to see how it was a perfectly formed baby! There was no question where it's head was, where the tummy was, etc., and I saw it's tiny heart fluttering! My appointment went well and then I had the lab work. It all ended up taking about 2 1/2 hours (because they had to squeeze in my sonogram) I had to race back to my in-laws apartment to save my father-in-law from my babies! Cayden did fine as usual, but Addy was not happy I left! Apparantly she cried most of the time and was unconsolable, but finally fell asleep shortly before I got there! I so need to get her used to spending time with people other than me!