Monday, August 27, 2007

Back to School!

Today is the first day of school!! Shaylee has had her outfit picked out for DAYS and was SO excited to finally wear it. She has lots of her old friends from Kindergarten in her 1st grade class this year, so she seemed pretty excited. I kept asking her if she was nervous so that I could tell her it is okay to be nervous, but she kept answering that she was fine. Finally she said she wanted me to stay for a couple more minutes, but not all day!! That made me feel better, because even though she's been in school before, it's still kind of hard to leave her there with a new teacher.
Tyler and I were talking about when we were in school....we both used to set out our ENTIRE outfit either on the end of our bed, or hung on the dresser like there was a person standing there. We would even put our shoes and socks under the clothes, and I would hang my necklace on the hanger with my shirt!! (Ya maybe we were weird, or maybe people just don't want to admit they did this too :-)
This morning I also found myself with quite a bit more energy, and I contribute that to school starting. Remember in school when you were so pumped the first day? I was always determined to make sure I tried harder in my studies, but of course you had butterflies about seeing people you may not have seen all summer! I think I still somewhat get that feeling, but instead, I get a rush of energy to get done all the things I've been procrastinating certain household chores, or my crocheting, etc. This morning I had to pick up a couple more last minute school supplies, and then I came home and ran around the house cleaning with all this extra energy that I've been lacking. I can tell that Cayden already likes the extra time he gets to have alone with me too, because I'm able to spend more time playing trains just with him!! Shaylee gets so bored at home (she is a VERY busy girl...and very smart) so it is very good for her to be back in school and get loads of socialization! Luckily she's always been a good student too!! This year though, somehow she got in the same class as another LDS boy that we know...who is very distracting...and go figure, she ends up being sat right next to him. I warned the teacher that the boy likes Shaylee a bit too much (he calls her his girlfriend!!)...but I may have to have a better conversation with the teacher after school...because I don't want her being distracted when she's been a perfect student so far (atleast that's what her teachers have always told me!!!)'s nice for school to be back in session!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Summer and Pregnancy!

Where does the Summer go? School for Shaylee starts back up on Monday and she will be in 1st grade! That means earlier mornings and trying to get Shaylee's slow-motion body up and ready for school!! I'm glad to have school starting again though. Shaylee goes stir-crazy during the summer and needs every challenge school can give her. She's going to be 7 in a couple of months so I'm going to start giving her piano lessons, I just need to buy some books! I was 7 when I started...but unfortunately we don't have a piano yet. My keyboard should work for now.
I am officially 8 and a half weeks pregnant now! I already feel it's going to be a girl, partly because how completely different my morning sickness has been this time around!! We've been worried about if I'd be able to carry this one, so we're so happy to be past 7 weeks, and can't wait to be through the 1st trimester. We weren't planning on quite this big of an age gap, but the Lord works in his own time and after so much praying we are just so grateful!!
Well right now I'm debating whether to do the dishes (not very tempting when you don't have a dishwasher at the moment) , and watching the rest of Goonies with my kids while crocheting (Cayden loves the end when Sloth pulls off his shirt to reveal a SUPERMAN shirt underneath)!! Hmmm, my husband won't be home for a couple more hours...and as he sometimes says...why do now what you can do later?? Ya I know, a terrible saying to live by, but it works for right now!!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Summer Vacation

Here are some pictures of a trip that me and the kids took in June. Somehow we survived the trip!! Tyler had to stay and work so me and the kids packed up the car and drove from Texas to Washington!! It took us 3 days to get to Moses Lake. Luckily we were able to stop each day after driving anywhere between 8-10 hours...because I'm fortunate to have so many sisters and they all lived in perfect distances to where we were able to visit each of them on the way up to Moses and spend the night!! (Shaylee is 6 and Cayden is 2...they did really well though!)

Before leaving Moses Lake, the trip wouldn't have been complete without stopping at the pet store and bringing home a PET!! When my little sister Nicole and I saw this puppy, I fell in love. I text messaged a picture of the puppy to my husband and he loved it too so it made the LONG trip back with us. Her name is Missy, she is 3/4 boxer, 1/4 lab and is an extremely active puppy and it's just been a blast house-training her, haha. When we brought her to her new home, she took up residence in Cayden's booster chair. She is now already about twice as big as she was in these pictures so she doesn't sleep in it anymore...she hogs our bed at night instead!!

Shaylee is soaking up the sun at the Aquatic Center

Cayden isn't too sure about the new puppy yet!

Shaylee on the other hand, is CRAZY about the pup!

Missy's "throne"

Cayden and his "wheels"...he wasn't falling, just stopping in style!!
I challenged my sister to Dance Revolution but we didn't have enough coins soooo...I ended up looking like a goober doing it all by myself!!
Go Grandma!! Shaylee and her Aunt Nicole are watching the pro!
I'm giving my son a few pointers

We visited my dad's new headstone on Father's Day