Saturday, June 14, 2008

Family Fun Day

Today was "Family Fun Day" at the this morning we packed up waters and snacks and headed over. The kids got grab bags that had Shannon Hospital water bottles, necklaces to hook water bottles to, a bracelet, and other little random stuff. They got to do lots of outdoor activities, and after that, they got to go spin a big wheel which would tell them what prize they won. Shaylee won a yoga mat but wasn't too excited about she was able to pick a Baton instead, and Cayden won a Ninja Turtles kite. He didn't really know who the Ninja Turtles were until about a year ago when his cousins Conner & Colton gave him a bunch of their toys, including 3 of the Turtles. The lady who gave him the kite didn't know what they were Cayden explained who they were to her. It was very cute!

This guy wanted Cayden to practice before the race since he was the youngest kid there and was afraid he wouldn't know how to do it. Cayden TOOK OFF in that sack and we were all calling after him and he would turn around and look at us, and then KEEP GOING!!! He was INCREDIBLY fast (faster than all the older kids there!) and he did NOT want to stop. Everybody thought he was SOOO cute. Shaylee ended up winning the race since Cayden never turned around...but if he HAD...HE would have won!!! This kid is more athletic than we thought!!!

Here is a pic of Shaylee winning the race. As you can see...she didn't have much competition...they were all way behind her!

Bear Hugs. Cayden asked if he could go back and hug the Bear and the Drop of Blood (yes, a Drop of blood mascot) again because they were so soft!!

This guy was teaching Cayden how to get low before throwing the football. He was REALLY funny so Cayden couldn't stop laughing! The guy (through his own laughter) kept telling Cayden to stop laughing...EVERYONE around was laughing!

The Perfect Throw

I think Cayden had to go to the bathroom in this one! Shaylee was jump roping and boy was she fast!

Water Sports...those guys got SOAKED! Addy and I kept a safe distance!!

Sunday, June 8, 2008


Today Tyler and gave talks in church. The topic was "Finding Strength through Spiritual Experiences". At first we thought that may be a difficult topic...I have no idea why...because our talks came together fairly easily. We were able to share SO many of our own experiences in our talks that we both really had a lot of fun and felt the Spirit very strongly. It was Tyler's very first adult talk! Almost every single member of the ward shook our hand and told us they enjoyed our talks. There were many tears and lots of laughs. Then throughout the rest of church, our talks were mentioned in the other classes we went to. We're not trying to "toot our own horn"...but it just felt wonderful to have been given the inspiration we needed to put things in our talk that affected so many members in our ward. It's always great to share experiences and realize how many other people can relate to you. It was a wonderful Sunday all around. It was especially nice that Tyler's parents were able to watch the kids for us during Sacrament so we were able to "relax" up in the hot seats!!

I also was able to finish a dress I've been Addy was able to wear it to church today, along with some booties I'd made for her awhile back but didn't really fit until now. I wish I'd had a slip for her to wear under the dress. I didn't realize slips are so hard to find for babies!! Eh, oh well. She looked cute anyway!!!

The Front

The Back

The Dress is actually red...the first two pictures make it look very pink!!

The dress is also a bit scrunched because of how she's sitting, so it looks very short. Since it was JUST the right size on her...I think next time I'll make it a touch bigger and a few inches longer...she grows so fast!!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

*This is EXACTLY why I shouldn't go trying to change my template!!!*

My blog is a little frustrating for me right now so I've kind of been avoiding it over the last week!!! When I switched templates...I lost the links to everyone's blogs!! I can still go fishing all over for them....but if you want to make my life a little easier, write a comment on my page so I'll have your blog address!!! Thank you!!! Here are several fun pics I've taken over the last week!
Addy looks a LOT like I did when I was a this pic atleast! (AND based on the baby pics I have of myself!!)

She held onto that phone for a long time!

Swimming at Grandma & Grandpa Caudle's apartment pool!!! Sorry no picture of me in a bathing suit!!! Although I just got a really cute new one so you never know, you might get lucky! (Hm, hope that didn't sound bad, haha)

Before church....she is ALWAYS smiling. Sometimes I want to take a nap and she just laughs like "ya right mom, you get NO sleep!!"

So I bought her this Johnny Jump-up on Ebay...but she's still a little young for it so her chin just hits over the top...I think I want to get her the kind with a tray...luckily I paid very little for this one!!!
This was so funny...she grabbed onto the end of that bottle and held it for like 10 minutes...we all thought it was pretty cute. I had to explain to the kids that she can't start holding her own bottle all the time yet :-)