Wednesday, March 19, 2008

*****More Photos of Addisyn*****

Here are more photos of our baby girl. I have to tell you that the black sheet I use as the background in some of the photos (it was like $3.88 at Walmart for a queen-size I think) is one of the best investments I ever made! Who needs a professional photographer?! I have to give some of the credit to my 12 megapixel camera though :-)
Addisyn is a big eater (just like the rest of her family!!) and isn't happy sleeping by herself for very long...she always wants to be snuggled in someone's arms whether it is day or night!

I LOVE pictures of newborns with their eyes wide open!

Awww, so precious.

I think she looks a lot like Cayden when he was a baby in this picture.

This is one of the very few outfits at the moment that fits her somewhat...

Her back arm is showing off her contortionist abilities!

This was SOOO funny...when Shaylee was holding Addy last night, her feet popped up and her toes spread out and she kept them like that for several minutes...we were all laughing so hard! Occasionally her Grandma McConkie has toe spasms (sorry for making that public mom!) and I wonder if Addy has inherited that from her, haha!!

Another cute picture of the ones I love most!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Please Welcome to the Family: Addisyn Mae Caudle!!

I can't believe she's finally here!! She was 2 weeks early, but arrived safe and sound at 6 lbs 11 oz, and 19 1/2 inches long!!!
So here's the whole story:
Around midnight on Saturday night, my water broke as we were getting ready for bed. Those of you who've had your water break, you know that sometimes it's a lot, sometimes it's a slow process. This time for me, it was a slow process, so we decided to still try to get a few hours of sleep. By 4 a.m. and losing more of my water, I decided to start getting ready to go to the hospital. I was so excited (and nervous) that I couldn't sleep anyway. By 6 a.m. we were able to get Tyler's dad over to watch the kids, and we got to the hospital. For a few hours I still wasn't having very big or consistent contractions so they induced me. After a few more hours, I slowly started dialating, and then all of a sudden, I was ready!! After I got my epidural, I was a very happy camper, just like I was with my son....but the nurses all thought I was so funny because I was so happy and giggling the whole time (even without them giving me any of those drugs that make you loopy!!). I get on a natural high when I know my baby is coming, what can I say, I was excited!! Well the doctor hadn't arrived yet and every time I giggled the baby was trying to grace us with her patience, so the nurses told me I really needed to try not to laugh til the doctor got there!! Once the doc arrived, the baby started coming out with one giggle, and with one push she was out!!! WOW!!
Now with Cayden, after 4 hours of pushing they still had to use forcepts. This was a COMPLETELY different (BETTER) experience and I'm still amazed at how it all happened!!
I don't know if that was too much information for any of you...I figure it's mainly my girlfriends that read my blog (probably not so much their husbands) and family so they've all heard and gone through these things too so I figure it's not T.M.I. but hey, if it is, oh well, such is life!
Well after 24 hours I was able to go home with our precious little girl! Wow, that's so much better than a 3-day hospital stay like last time!! I really needed to get home to my other kids. Shaylee is great, but Cayden was pretty confused, even though he'd known I was going to have a baby.
I will write more another time, but I wanted to get the good news posted and put up a few pictures that I have at the moment, enjoy!!!!

My beautiful we bring some cute kids into the world!!!

Me...looking extremely fashionable and attractive, haha

Shaylee holding her new little sister... while she thinks "FINALLY...a SISTER!!!" Her friend Sara is watching closely!
Tyler is talking to his little Addy Mae

Grandpa Caudle holding the newest grandbaby
In this last picture, I caught Cayden just a second too late...he had just given his baby sister a kiss. He's not really mad and rolling his eyes like it looks in this picture!!!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

My first crocheted baby outfit!

Here is my first completed crocheted baby outfit!!! I've made simple baby booties before (as well as hats, blankets, etc) but I hadn't really ever crocheted with thread, and I'd never made a bonnet or a dress before! It took me about 3 weeks to do the whole outfit but wow was it worth it. It's amazing the rush you can get from learning something new and then seeing the finished project!! Since I've been having to rest a lot the last few weeks, crocheting definitely has helped pass the time. There is another blessing outfit that I want to make next. There are craft shows here at the fairgrounds every few months so I think I'm going to try hard to get together a bunch of items to sell at a booth. The one nice thing about crocheting with thread is that it is very cheap!! It only cost about $5 in thread to make this whole outfit! The only downfall of thread is that it takes SO much time and precision!
Well anyway, I was so happy that I finished it and I'm excited to start the next dress and see how it turns out!

Monday, March 10, 2008

No News

Today I had another Dr. appointment. Everything was the same as my visit on Saturday, only I'd somehow managed to shed 5 pounds. (Probably because I was staying off my feet since Thursday so my body wasn't swelling up and retaining the water as much?!) SOOOO...I just have another appointment next Monday, which will be my 38 week appointment. It's so hard to be patient! Not to mention this baby feels like it's kicks get stronger by the SECOND and that she's getting heavier by the second, too!!! Oh the joy of the last few weeks of pregnancy!! It will all be worth it soon though.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Is the Baby coming soon??

On Thursday at 10 a.m. I went in for a Doctor appointment. My blood pressure was just a little bit high, I'd gained 10 lbs AGAIN over the last two weeks, I was dialated to a "2", and they found protein in my urine sample (lovely, I know you all wanted to know that). Anyway, the Doc came in and told me my body is retaining water (which I already kind of knew since lately my fingers, toes, ankles, and shins have been swelling...which never happened with my first pregnancy) and reassured me that the weight would come off during the couple days after delivery which was encouraging since I have been getting REALLY depressed everytime they weigh me...even though visually my hubby and I can't really figure out exactly where all the weight is going. So anyway...I got sent downstairs to the good old Labor & Delivery with another woman who had the same symptoms. They wanted to do some tests and monitor our blood pressures....basically monitoring for Toxemia (which is something my little sister had with her pregnancy, hers was pretty serious!). I figured I'd be there for maybe two hours. My husband arranged to have our son picked up from Joy School by my mother-in-law, and asked her to pick up Shaylee after school. I insisted I'd be done long before then because silly me assumed I'd be there for a max of maybe 2 hours! Well by about 3 p.m. I was released. The tests were coming out okay and my blood pressure was okay too. I was still put on bedrest (I call it "light" bedrest since they said I can still get up to make my family meals and get up when I need too...just to listen to my body) . Before I was able to leave the Doc came in and said "No baby today, you're still a little too healthy". I was so sick of being in that hospital bed that I was kind of glad they weren't going to take it that day, although my hubby was more than willing to let me deliver that day!!! I have to go in twice a week now, starting with a Monday appointment...and I'm hoping on that day she'll give me some options on when this baby can come. On Monday I'll have 3 weeks left until my due date which isn't too bad. The baby was also measuring a week big at one point so she might be a little further along than my due date shows.
So anyway, here's to hoping that IF the baby comes this next week, that it'll be a healthy, bouncy baby girl!!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Well today is Tyler's 27th b-day! Here are some fun pics from his past for all to enjoy...sorry Tyler, haha!!

Tyler's 1st Birthday

I think he was like 14 in this picture

Tyler was preparing to make me breakfast! (This was over 2 years ago as you can see our diapered son crawling in the background!)

I couldn't help myself, it's too hillarious.

Shaylee and Daddy taking it easy!

Cayden is always happy when daddy is home!

And last but not least...a probably completely inappropriate picture that includes a hairy belly shot that no one wants to see, but hey, it's my blog, and this picture makes me laugh!! (Tyler was wearing MY shirt...this was taken about 4 years ago when we were engaged. We thought about using it as our engagement pic but decided to forgo announcements. HAHA, j/k.)

******Happy Birthday Sweetheart!!******

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Melchezidek Priesthood

**Well I don't have any pictures to put up for this post, sorry!! I just felt like writing about something neat that happened in our family last week. Well a couple weeks ago Tyler was interviewed to recieve the Melchezidek Priesthood. At our Stake Conference last week I was able to raise my hand when they asked for a sustaining vote. After Conference, we got to go to the High Priest room where Tyler was able to recieve that priesthood from his Dad, and many other men that he admires and respects. The feeling of being in that room during that was so amazing. Then to make it even better, he got the opportunity to turn right around and help give it to a young man that we know well, who is leaving for his mission soon! It was a very happy day. For the last several weeks though Tyler has been reading more than he has in his LIFE...because he has been doing lots of research on the lds websites for info about blessings and the formats for them, etc. The other day he told me that he's not ready for the baby to be born yet...well of course that worried me. I thought that he felt he wasn't ready for the responsibility of having 3 children, and frankly it's a LITTLE late to say "I'm not ready"...but I finally got to the root of the worry...he is completely stressed out about blessing the baby after she's born!!! He is actually really excited for the baby to be born (at this point I'm the nervous one because with 4 weeks til my due date...I can't help but think about the delivery part!!) but I couldn't help but laugh at him because he's just so stressed about doing a good job!! It's funny how some people who recieve the priesthood when they are younger sometimes use and abuse it. Tyler has worked really hard the last few years to turn his life around from where it was...and appreciates the Gospel so much now. It's incredible to see the light in his eyes and feel his Spirit.
Also a few days ago, we decided Cayden really needed a blessing (he and I have both had incredibly bad colds and coughs...his being the croop, that just don't want to go away) so we went to Tyler's dad's place and Tyler was able to give his first sickness blessing. During it, the Spirit was SOOOO strong. Tyler doesn't remember much of what he said in the blessing...which really isn't that abnormal for the person giving it. It was just an amazing experience!! Life is so amazing.