Friday, February 22, 2008

Cayden's New Glasses!!

HAHAHA...just kidding. The other day we went to the dollar store and he decided to get one of the grab bags that has multiple "prizes" in it. So this was one of his prizes....soooooo funny!! And in this picture his face is very dirty because he's had a cold and it seems impossible to keep his face clean...and he is wearing his tie dye shirt which is one of his favorite pair of pajamas!!!
So almost 2 weeks ago I had one of those "bad mom" experiences. I discovered a bumpy, funny-looking rash on Cayden's thigh and it was really itching him. I put some lotion on it for him. Then the next day it looked a little worse and I put a little more lotion on it, and he also said his "tongue" hurt...which then we clarified that he meant his throat. The next day I called his doctor and got him in that day for an appointment. First the "rash" was diagnosed as Shingles (ya I had no idea that younger people got that...I think of old people getting Shingles!!) and then kind of as an afterthought, I brought up that his throat was hurting him a couple days they did a Strep test and of course it came out POSITIVE for Strep. My poor child!! I try not to be the mom that runs their children into the doctor for every little thing, but this experience made me realize that you really can't ever be TOO careful because you just never know!! If I hadn't taken him in, the Shingles would have continued to spread and hurt him...and if I had continued touching it, it would have been very bad for my pregnancy and the baby!! Well he got put on antibiotics and some other kind of medicine, for about a week. Now he just has a cold and possibly Croup!! (which are both something that a doctor can't help with)...yet he is such a happy kid that he doesn't seem to let that slow down his daily routines!! I tell ya, my two kids are so different from eachother, it's going to be REALLY interesting to see what this 3rd one is like...but I am SOOO ready to find out!!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Tagged Again...This time for 10 photos

Alright, I got tagged to post 10 of my favorite photos. Since I have WAAAAYYYY more than 10 favorites, it was really hard to pick just 10, but here you go!!

This photo is awesome. I don't remember who in my family took it...but they just happened to catch my mom looking at them, as well as my dad outside bbq'ing!! I have SOOO many cute pictures of my parents but this one is too funny, it makes me laugh. It also reminds me of how simple and sweet life really should be...and that we should enjoy every minute of it!!

This picture makes me laugh just because Cayden snuck right in,
but he fits!!!

We had the camera on the wrong setting so this picture turned
out very fuzzy but I still like it :-)

I love this Mickey Mouse outfit!!

I only have a couple pictures of Cayden with his
Grandpa McConkie, so this one is very special.

Shaylee and Cayden have always been best buddies...
hopefully it always stays that way!!

*Well I hope you've enjoyed having a flashback with me!! I LOVE to look at old pictures, and my kids do too, so it was fun to share some with you.

**I don't know who's been tagged by this yet....but I'll tag Laura, Alisha, oh and whoever else wants to do it because it's a lot of fun!!! :-)