Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Birthdays, a Blessing, and recent pics!

A lot has happened since I last wrote a post! Cayden's 5th birthday was in September, a week after Zachary was born. Since I wasn't really up for doing a party at that point...he was given the option to get $20 instead of a party (my mom gave us that option, too when we were younger)...and luckily he chose the money! Of course he spent it on little superhero figures...he can't seem to get enough of those! Cayden can make the most incredible drawings! He mainly draws superheros, but the other day I found a picture he'd drawn of Santa going down a chimney! He can write his name (and spell it out loud from memory) by himself now. He has a best friend at school and lately they get in trouble for talking too much...my son??!! A couple of his friends already have girlfriends (they are in PRE-K) so I always ask Cayden if he has one...he always says "NO!" I love you Cayden!
Zachary was blessed on November 1st! My mom sent the absolute cutest tuxedo blessing outfit and it fit just right for the special day! It's such a blessing to see my husband bless our babies!
Shaylee also recently had a birthday...she turned 9 earlier this month! I can't believe that I have already been Shaylee's mom for 6 years! Shaylee is an interesting mix of a tom boy and girly girl. Blue is her favorite color...she doesn't care that much for pink or purple. She likes to wear skirts, but plays dirty and rough while outside. She is a hard girl to figure out. She is already very self-conscious. I hope that someday I'll be able to make her understand that no matter what she wears, she is a very beautiful girl (she doesn't listen to me). We've been through ups and downs together and I just hope that as she continues to get older, that we'll grow even closer and that she'll learn to believe me! I love you Shaylee!

Addy eating a cupcake

Addy, Zachary, and Shaylee

Playing outside

I think they love the Fall!

Addy riding her "new" toy...it's new to her atleast!

Shaylee, Emma, and Willow...for her B-day she had her two best friends over for a long play-date!

You've gotta love that smile!! I love how after I feed him, he just smiles up at me and studies my face for a long time.

Yes that blanket is as soft as it looks!

Right after Sacrament Meeting the day of Zach's blessing

Group shot of those who were there...oh and Brother Huff (family friend) snuck in there (on the far left), too!

Cayden & his Spider cake...he thought it was pretty awesome :-)

Trunk or Treat at the church