Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Update on Cayden

Cayden had his surgery/extraction/child TORTURE at 8 a.m. this morning. Someone came to take him back to the room and I'd told him I'd be with him the whole time, but they didn't want me to come back since it'd be done quickly...and I'm guessing because kids act a little more brave when their parent isn't there to baby them. But I was upset and almost cried as I had to peel his hand off my arm and let him go. I tried to crochet while waiting but my hands were pretty shaky. Cayden and Addy haven't been sleeping well so I haven't been sleeping well...and with all of the recent events...I was just exhausted and worried. Well anyway, in a matter of minutes I was able to go back and see him. He looked scared and his eyes were bloodshot. I couldn't believe how incredibly long teeth really are until I saw his! One of them had already started to darken, proving it was dead and going to come out eventually, one way or another! The front of his gums were pretty chopped up from the accident, so they also put 2 dissolving stitches up there so that it won't cause problems when his adult teeth come in! (They didn't put any stitches in where the teeth were pulled though) The two teeth on either side of those front teeth also got affected by the accident, and may eventually fall out, but they aren't affecting his ability to bit down so were are leaving them put. For a couple hours he couldn't see anything very well, but now after resting, and then taking a nap, he seems to be doing really good. Right now he's eating one of his favorite treats...yogurt. He keeps saying that he can feel his adult teeth growing!! I was supposed to teach Joy School again tomorrow but luckily I was able to switch with another mom, so he'll be able to stay home and rest tomorrow, too. I'm just glad that he may be able to be all done with the doctors and dentists for awhile and start to heal up!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Cayden's Trampoline Accident

Wednesday evening I was watching out the back window of the house as Shaylee and Cayden were jumping on the trampoline. They are always out jumping...when it's not too hot outside! The blue pad that goes around the springs of the trampoline was a joke and shredded up from the wind long we let our kids jump on the trampoline without a pad, OR a net around the whole thing! I know, go ahead and let out that *GASP!*. Anyway, I saw Cayden kind of fly through the air like he normally does, but this time he landed face first onto the springs area. I was looking away when it happened, but turned around just to see Shaylee helping him up. I yelled for Tyler casually because I wasn't sure if something was wrong, but then Shaylee screamed as Cayden turned to face us, and I saw the blood pooring down all over his face. I screamed loudly for Tyler and I basically started running around the room in circles. I think I went into shock before Cayden! Tyler bolted outside and brought Cayden in. We put him on the looked like someone had taken scissors and cut from his lip...up. His teeth looked weird...but it was hard to see with all the blood. I've never thrown a diaper bag so quickly in my life...and within about 3 seconds I'd woken Addy from her nap and had got her buckled up and ready to go. We flew out the door and I drove...shaking and speeding like a wild woman... while Tyler held our son and tried to calm me down (Cayden was in complete shock at that point). I cried while Tyler and two nurses held my son down as the doctor gave 2 shots in the gums, and 5 stitches. For days his upper lip looked more like a duck bill, and he couldn't hardly open his mouth so I had him drinking water through a dropper (which he LOVED because he would squirt our new dog and Addy with it!) and I had him eating Addy's soft, disolving snacks. The E.R. didn't say anything about his teeth so we thought they were fine. After a couple days he had an appointment with his Pediatrician where he had his 4-year old birthday shots as well as a flu shot, and the doc examined his mouth and sounded really concerned, because 3 of his front teeth are all messed up!! (He was also a little concerned that Cayden was 4 lbs lighter than last year on his birthday...he's drinking 2% milk now to help put some more padding on that body!!) I was glad to see that someone was as concerned as me about his teeth!! Today he saw an Oral Surgeon who took x-rays...and with the opinion of a dentist that is a friend of his...he decided that the two front teeth must go. One of the teeth he is actually biting down on...and the other one is to compensate, Cayden has been trying to OVERbite with the bottom teeth! At first I just imagined all of his pictures over the next few years without front teeth. Vain and selfish I know. Now I'm more concerned about his speeth though, since he hasn't mastered being able to say words correctly that have two constanants (you know, "fr" "tr"...etc). I know it'll be okay...I guess it's just the incredible guilt I'm feeling, from thinking that if Tyler and I were okay jumping on a trampoline with no pad on it, that my kids would be fine, too. NOW we want to eventually buy one of those expensive ones where the springs are actually UNDER the trampoline, and a net goes all the way around, so there is no way to hurt yourself on it. With our luck though they'd be jumping on that and his mouth would hit Shaylee's head and the exact same kind of accident would happen. Wow I wish I could put my kids in a safety BUBBLE!!! Luckily this is our first big accident so we are very fortunate. Poor Shaylee cried so hard the whole night because she said it was her fault because she was purposely jumping too high. I love my children...even when they drive me nuts, they have such tender hearts.

Well at 8 a.m. tomorrow (Wednesday) I will be taking Cayden in to be "put to sleep!" with an IV, and then have his two front teeth removed. What a week for my poor son.

This pic was taken today...stitches all gone!! Considering the doc at the E.R. had a lazy eye, I think he did an INCREDIBLE job making sure his lip was lined up correctly while stitching it up!!

This pic was taken a day after the accident...along with the pic that's at the top of this post.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Schau, Der kommt Jens, mit dem Moped!!!

Anyone who took German from Frau Way in High School should be able to appreciate and understand the title of this post! She used to make us stand up, look out the window, point, and yell this! (It means "Look, here comes Jens, on a moped!")

Anyway, so Tyler has a friend from work who has this little scooter. One day everybody in the Lube Center was laughing at Tyler as he squeezed onto it, with his knees almost up to the handles...and rode around the parking lot. Well Tyler actually REMEMBERED that I'd mentioned how we really need to come up with some fun dates, so....he asked his friend if we could borrow it for a few hours. His friend and his wife thought Tyler was for sure he didn't end up bringing it to work so we had to go get it...the whole time he kept saying how crazy we are and that I must be a really cool wife (which I didn't argue with of course)! This little scooter gets up to about 45 mph on FLAT land...and since it falls under the "golf cart laws" we were able to drive it on 35 mph roads without having to have a special license or anything. So...we drove on over to Chilis and at dinner...where the waitress ended up getting "googly-eyed" at a bunch of guys at another table so she charged us for an extra drink that she never brought us...I had Tyler leave her a note that said "You never brought the drink you charged us for, it came out of your tip!" Hey, we still gave her an almost $3 tip! :-) Anyway, then we went to the mall for awhile, and then picked up some diapers at Target which I got to hang onto while riding on the back of the scooter! Needless to say, EVERYONE who saw us on it was dying laughing...including us!!! The sad part is Tyler and I got "dangerous" adrenaline rush just from riding around on that little thing!! We would have been uncontrollable speed demons if we were on a REAL motorcycle!! I've been on a lot of fun dates...but being on that little scooter with my best friend/husband, laughing so hard our faces were aching (atleast mine was!!)...was the best yet!

Yes I have a WAY cheezy smile when I'm having fun (luckily my hubby loves it!), and yes I have a white shirt on under that pink's hard to see in that pic!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Learn to Crochet

This is kind of random but I ran across a website that seems to have a pretty good tutorial for learning to crochet (of course this is coming from someone who already knows how...but I think it's good because lots of people commented they loved how she taught!) She shows a few simple concepts...which then can be used to make Amirugumi Animals, People, etc (crocheted in "rounds). Anyway, if you are wanting to learn to crochet here's the link. Maybe someday I'll post my own tutorial, but for now hopefully this will help some of you that I know would like to know how to crochet! So, grab a hook (an H, I, J, or K work well when you are beginning....the bigger the better so you can see the individual stitches well) and some regular yarn (called "Worsted Weight"...should be somewhere on the label...never use a furry, or really skinny yarn to start with, that'll make learning SOOOO much harder), and give it a try! For about $2 for yarn, and less than $2 for a crochet hook...all from might be making the best investment of your life! will atleast give you hours and hours of fun!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Innocence and Simplicity of Children

Cayden: Mommya, Mommya
Me: Yes Cayden?
Cayden: You knows, we are a family
Me: We are?
Cayden: Yes we are
Me: Ya, kind of a messed up family sometimes, but we are a family
Cayden: Ya, and you's an Angel
Me: an Angel?!
Cayden: Yes, you's an Angel, Sissy and Addy are just Sissy's, and me and Daddy are mans!

What do you say to that? I almost needed to pull the car over for a minute because my eyes started to water so badly!

This was a conversation Cayden had with me in the car on the way to pick Shaylee up from school. He then explained how he learned all this at church from his teacher...about that Mommy's are angels. He told me all of this on Thursday. When I had asked him on Sunday what he had learned, he didn't remember. Isn't it funny how little kids remember things just at the right (OR really wrong) time? I definitely believe that our children are SO much closer to the Lord than most of us on a daily basis, and that it's not coincidence that they happen to say something that you really need to hear at that very moment.