Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A video of Zachary

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Zachary updates & a dress for Addy

I should be taking a nap, since the other kids are...but I wanted to hurry and post some more photos real quick! The first two nights that Zach was home were tough...he's been extremely gassy, and also wanted to eat every hour but wouldn't stay awake long enough to eat much! Last night he actually slept really well...he only woke up once to be fed! I've been so sleep deprived that I've been feeling pretty sick, like an exhausted sick. Luckily the sleep I got last night has given me more energy today though so at the moment I'm feeling pretty good!
I've recently become addicted to sewing!?! I have had a sewing machine for years and years that my mom bought for me (she bought each of us girls one to learn on) and hadn't used it much, and recently it went "kaput". It wouldn't do a straight stitch...the tension was messed up and no matter what I did (and what other people who knew more about sewing machines did) would fix the problem. Anyway, I recently got my hands on a new machine and I am in love! It has made sewing so smooth & easy...even for a COMPLETE beginner like me!! I found the cutest tutorial to make these little dresses out of handkerchiefs...I'll include the link down by the pic of Addy wearing the dress I made! Enjoy the pics!

Here's Zach showing off the blanket I crocheted just for him...I got the yarn on clearance at Michael's for $1 per skein...so it only cost me $5 to make...jackpot (plus after washing it, it was SO soft!!) !!

The pic above and the one below are off Addy and Zach after falling asleep before our normal nap time because they'd kept me up all night the night before (Addy wakes up & cries whenever the Zach does at night even though they aren't in the same bedroom!!) !

I appliqued this onesie! Here's a tutorial & pattern for it: http://treyandlucy.blogspot.com/2009/04/tieguitar-pattern-is-here.html

I also made the tie onesie in one of the other pics. Unfortunately I didn't have my new sewing machine yet when I made them...and at first I didn't like how uneven my hand-stitching was turning out...but I like it a lot by the time I was done! Today I was thinking that I so need to make a superman onesie with a little cape on the back...Cayden would just LOVE to see his baby brother as a superhero!!

Tami sent a package for Zach that included these glasses (as well as a couple other things for the kids, and a couple of BEAUTIFUL blankets she'd made...oh and my mom sent the cutest baby outfits, diaper bag, baby blankets, and a TUXEDO BLESSING OUTFIT...oh my goodness I am so spoiled!!!)...but anyway Addy LOVES the glasses!!

Daddy holding the "babies"

Addy hasn't gotten sick of playing "mom" yet! She loves his little "doze" (toes)...& in this pic she's giving him binky options!

So these last two pics are off a dress I made for Addy...from Halloween dishclothes found at Target in their $1 area (but they are $2.50). No I wasn't creative enough to think of this myself...here is the link to where I copied the idea:


From there you can find her link to her "bandana dress"! Hobby Lobby has lots of bandanas for only $1 (I also found some on clearance for 59 cents)...so for less than $2 each, you can make all kinds of fast, cute, easy little dresses!! I have some black with white polka dot ones I'm going to use for a cute church dress. I'll be sure to make Addy wear a white shirt under it though so she'll be a little more modest! Tyler thinks this dress is really cute, but he said "You know, people might take her outfit two ways...either that you are very creative & crafty, or that you are very poor so you make clothes out of dishcloths!" Well...I wouldn't have made this dress out of any old dishclothes...I want her to look cute...not tacky...but these dishcloths are definitely not tacky & you can't even tell what the dress is made of anyway! I thought that for sure the ribbons on her shoulders would bug her, but she only touched them carefully once, and never touched them again!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Presenting to the world: Zachary Paul Caudle

After 2 straight nights of having contractions, we went to the hospital on Saturday morning...9 days before my due date. While giving birth to him, he came out with his umbilical cord wrapped around his neck (not tightly) so the doctor acted quickly to make sure I stopped pushing so that she could fix the problem. Zachary Paul Caudle was born on 9/12/09, at 11:58 a.m. weighing in at 7 lbs 2 oz, and 19 1/2 inches long. He has the cutest cheeks and thin, dark hair. He hardly stays awake long enough to eat much...but he seems to be a healthy boy! Unfortunately since it is football season, I was subjected to watching football for hours on end in the hospital by my husband (we only have very basic cable at home so he was happy to have so many sports channels to watch this weekend!)!! It actually wasn't that bad though...since most of my attention was on holding & feeding the baby anyway! Everything went smoothly and I am feeling great...and even the hubby managed to pull through, hehe. Right now we're just waiting for Zach's discharge papers and we'll be on our way home. Luckily the other kids are EXTREMELY excited for us to bring Zach home...Shaylee keeps calling me asking if we're on our way home yet! Addy got SO excited when she saw me holding a real baby...her eyes got HUGE and she squeeled "BABY!" and crawled up next to me and just kept giggling at the baby. Maybe Addy will adjust better than I thought...or maybe she needs a few days at home with him & then will eventually get tired of him taking up residence in my arms! Life is good and we've been so blessed to have another healthy baby and delivery! Get ready to be spoiled with lots of cute baby pics in the weeks to come!!

Shortly after delivery (Zach was being examined)...I look drugged!

It's so crazy to think that this is Shaylee's 3rd time betting to hold a baby sibling!

Grandma Caudle with the "babies"

I have FOUR children??!! Good thing we have a VAN!

Babies look so tiny when Tyler holds them!

These last two pics were taken today after I got all cleaned up!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Middle-of-the-night Contraction Ramblings

Okay, these contractions are REALLY starting to get old! With my other two babies, my water would break before I ever had any kind of contractions...so then there was no question that it was time to head to the hospital. This time things are definitely different. Yesterday (Thursday) I had good contractions all morning, 10 minutes apart...then by afternoon they stopped. I had random ones during the afternoon (as I walked around some craft stores with Cayden & Addy because I was too "stir-crazy" to stay at home), and more in the evening that were 10 minutes apart. Now it's 2:20 a.m. and I've been having good, painful contractions all night but have been to tired to time them...until now...so I'm going to sit up and time them. With my other two babies, my water broke around this time in the morning. I was hoping I wouldn't have to go to the hospital until after I take the kids to school this morning, but I guess we'll see. We are all so anxious for this baby to come! The kids were actually dissapointed when I picked them up from school instead of Grandpa Caudle, because it meant I hadn't had the baby yet!
Man, these contractions aren't coming very evenly, but they sure are painful! Well that's enough complaining from me...I better get off my blog before I start rambling anymore than I already have! I will let you all know when this little guy arrives. Until then...I guess I'll go stalk some more craft blogs and bookmark more crafts than I have time to do (I told my sister Heidi the other day that I have SOOO many fun crafts bookmarked on my computer that they could keep me busy for like 3 lifetimes!?) Goodnight!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

More pictures from the Utah trip!

Well it's 4:15 a.m. & I can CANNOT fall back asleep...so you get to see more pictures of my trip to Utah! I took a LOT of pics, so I picked some cute ones, and some that are more like "blooper" ones to keep you entertained!
My brother Dave & his wife took this pic, they are great at taking photos, as well as editing!

My niece Haley (Dave & Sara's oldest) with Heidi's two little girls!

Heidi & I in front of the temple after Mom's wedding

Heidi's, Tami's, and my family went black-lite mini golfing...unfotunately this pic turned out a bit fuzzy

It's a good thing Heidi brought a loaf of bread...it kept these three kiddos happy for a little while!! The two babies on the left (Heidi's and mine) are only days apart, and then the one on the right (Tami's) is 2 months older. It's funny how they are all built completely different, but they all have the cutest blonde hair (my poor baby being the "baldest")!?!

Addy was so not working with me, and Cayden kept putting his arms in the air...we did get a decent pic, but this one kind of summed up how...what's the word..."entertaining?"...it can be to have a 17 month old AND be pregnant, haha!

I had to try to take this shot quickly...Addy was having too much fun pulling flowers...

Cayden & Ashlyn (Stacy's oldest child)...to0 cute!

Here are my kids just hanging out with Joseph Smith

Pictures of kids under the Christus really help put life into perspective for me. Anytime I get frustrated with the kids, I can pull up this picture and remember how important each of them is to our Heavenly Father & Jesus...and that I need to do my best in raising them!!

My sister Tami, her youngest child McCall, and her crazy (but definitely fun) hubby Travis!!

Heidi's son, Drew, LOVED picking up Addy...unfotunately SHE wasn't too keen being picked up by anyone but Momma!

Shaylee was a total "mom" on this trip...she read to the kids before bedtime...helped them get dressed and helped with their hair in the mornings... it was fun to see her with that much patience!

Travis took some pics of us, trying to get the top of the temple in the shot...I had to include this pic with his legs in the shot because it cracks me up. The angle of the shot is SO not flattering when you're 7 1/2 months pregnant, but it was also cute how Cayden was holding my belly!

Cayden, Addy, and Megan (Tami's daughter that is Cayden's age)
Now it's 5:40 a.m. and I have to be up in about an hour to get Shaylee & Cayden ready for school (school starts at 7:40 a.m. here!!)...maybe I should atleast TRY to get a little shut-eye!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

My Mom's Wedding

I'm FINALLY posting about my mom's wedding! As most of you should already know, my dad died a few years ago, unexpectedly. Earlier this year, Richard Kimball Sanderson came into my mom's life unexpectedly! From the beginning of their relationship, things just fell into place and felt right. On August 8th, my mom and Kim were married for time in the Bountiful, Utah temple. It was such a neat experience to get to be there and witness this. Kim seems to have a lot of the wonderful characteristics that I've always loved about my dad. I know that he will take good care of my mom, as well as my little sister Nicole. I look forward to many family functions in the future where I can become better friends with Kim. I miss my dad, every minute of my life...but the great thing is that Kim isn't "replacing" my dad...he is someone we are adding to the family...and I can't imagine a better person to add. Thank you Kim for finding my mom and making her happy. Thank you mom for listening to the Spirit in all your decisions. Life is short and we were all meant to be happy!!!

These first 4 pictures were taken by "Dilly Dally Art". I love how happy my mom looks in this first picture!!

Here are Kim's and our families combined! 11 kids total now...I'll let you count the grandchildren, haha!

Here we all are at the temple...Tyler wasn't able to come down with me...but see how perfectly he could be photoshopped in, in both this pic and the other family pic? :-)

I can't believe I made that trip alive! I drove down to Utah, 7 1/2 months pregnant, with my 16 month old, 4 year old, and 8 year old! It actually wasn't that bad...except for the night of my mom's dinner...it was a beautiful catered dinner...Addy was being a HUGE pain and I ended up having contractions the rest of the night (the dinner was delicious though!). We stayed at Heidi's and she was so kind to keep us for a whole week and feed us! It was so fun to see all my other sisters and brother and their families, too. They all tried to help with Addy and such whenever they could which was very much appreciated!! Mom & Kim's new house is so big and beautiful...it was fun to help mom get things organized and make it into a home. My daughter Shaylee has such a big heart...she cried all the way to Utah because she missed her Daddy & other grandparents, then cried all the way back to Texas because she missed Grandma Sanderson and all of her cousins! After a wonderful trip, it was nice to eventually be back at home. My feet got SOOOO swollen on that trip! I'm happy that so much of my family is only a 2-day drive away now instead of a 3-day drive...although I'm also sad that it will be more of a rare occasion that I go back to Moses Lake...now that my mom and Kim are living in Draper, Utah. Life goes on though...and I'm sure I'll come up with some kind of excuse to drive the extra day to visit Moses again...especially since I do still have relatives there!

I was having issues getting more pics on here & getting them moved down to the bottom of the post, so I'm going to make another post of the pics I took on our trip!