Friday, February 26, 2010

Happy Valentine's! Valentine post! Tyler did this special dinner for me a couple days early because when he has a surprise, he seriously can't handle waiting. Personally I'd prefer for him to wait...but he makes sure he does something else for the actual it just means I get more gifts! :-)

First, he presented me with this (I cropped out the top part since it was personal):
After I signed the "form"...he escorted me to the front door where I found this:

Then he gave me a Menu (he had printed online menus for a Chinese Restaurant, a Pizza place, and Steak Express) for me to pick where I wanted him to place our order:

I was then escorted out to our van, where I saw this:

Some of the pictures have a blur spot...I didn't notice it til I'd already taken a few pictures...I'm sure it's from Addy's dirty little fingers!!

After we were seated, Tyler gave me this (I was thinking maybe he'd ask me to marry him again...but when he didn't...I realized that he'd probably have been too afraid of what the answer would be this time, haha!) :

Oh and he picked the ring out himself, which is what I wanted...and he did absolutely perfect. It cost way more than I would have liked him to spend...but he told me not to worry about it so I'll just be grateful!

Tyler had the video screen set up in the van but the movie kept skipping and stuff after the first 5 minutes, so we ended up moving the romantic set-up into the living room (this was a late dinner so the younger kids were all in bed but we let Shaylee stay up long enough to take a couple goofy pics).

This one is kind of looks to me like we are holding on for dear life.

It was a perfect night, and even though this post was pretty late...I wanted to document it. I also recieved roses and chocolate in the mail the next day...a sweet "I love you " book & card the day after that...I'll stop gushing now. Tyler did great this year. He'll have a hard time ever topping it. All I did was write him a poem (it wasn't half bad!) & give him a Willow Tree statue of "Promise". It reminds me of Tyler and me!

*I forgot to add...the dinner date was a pajama date/sleepover (the perks of being married!) so that is why Tyler is in his awesome Grinch pjs and I'm in my favorite "Minnie Mouse" pj bottoms!!

Here is what we did for Shaylee's class for V-day...I got the templates from Martha Stewart's website. I was too lazy to do the earbuds though. Cayden was okay with just doing super hero cards for his class...thank goodness...because you KNOW I procrastinated making these until like 10 p.m. Thursday night!! I had Tyler cut out the templates while I cut out the colored paper...I gave him a little crap about not cutting very perfectly but luckily he didn't take offense :-)

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Family Photo - Bloopers and all!

So, Tyler's mom bought all of her kids & their families sweaters for Christmas so that we could take a picture to give to her. It only took us almost 2 months but we finally did it! So here they are...our bloopers and all! Anyone with kids should be able to appricate the humor in the multiple shots...IF they've ever tried to take a family picture...especially with their own camera & tripod instead of a pro! I'm too lazy/busy to edit my photos 90% of the time...I'm in the "it's good enough" stage of life :-) I can't wait to post about V-Day in my next post...since it's been more like Valentine's WEEK for me!

Notice Addy's cute belly in the above picture?

Gotta move quicker than that honey!

I think this one is my favorite.

This one turned out pretty good, too.

Since we don't get enough "couple" pics, we figured we better take a couple now, too!

Look at all those "innocent" faces! :-)


Addy has discovered the "pick my nose & show what I found to mom" stage.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Some January & February pictures

Wow it's been too long since I posted on here! Here are some pictures taken over the last few weeks.

During the kids' naptime today, I hemmed some Corduroy pants for Shaylee, and appliqued a flower on some polka-dot corduroy, then appliqued that to a $3 shirt from Target, then straight-stitched around the flower, THEN zig-zag stitched around the polka-dot corduroy. Since I already had the two fabrics in my "stash" & got the pants for free...$3 was my total for this outfit! I TRY (doesn't always happen) to do a project each day during naptime...but half our house is packed up to move so it's been frustrating lately. Hopefully we'll be moving in the near future so that I can get my sewing stuff organized!!

On Friday nights the kids take turns picking a movie & watching it in their room. Sometimes they build a fort on their bunkbed to sleep in, and sometimes they snuggle on the floor!

We've all been sick around here...& this picture of Addy & Cayden fully expresses how they feel!

I can't get enough of this little guy. He seriously melts my heart!!

Do these guys look like they are up to no-good? Ya, I think so, too!

Just look at that face! Don't you just want to chew on those cheeks? His skin is SOOO soft!