Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Birthdays...Oh, and WE'RE HAVING TWINS!?

Once upon a time, on March 5th 2009, Tyler Caudle turned 28 years old. His kids bought him an Elmo that blows kisses, and a Medal to wear at work that states that he's Over the Hill (we do that to him like every year!). The kids and I also bought him a nice tie because somehow his keep ending up in the laundry, and they usually accidentally get washed?!

Addisyn Mae Caudle celebrated her 1st Birthday on March 16th, 2009. She was very dainty while eating her cake. Her favorite present seemed to be her Tigger that she got from her Grandma & Grandpa Caudle. She loves to give it hugs and kisses.

I don't usually buy (or make) wheat rolls, but one day I decided to buy them. To my surprise, everyone loved them... and apparently Addy couldn't get enough of them!?

Yesterday I was craving something with pumpkin in it, so I made pumpkin bars with icing. I think they were a big hit as today's late morning snack!

As I cooked these pumpkin bars, and the house filled with a delicious pumpkin smell, I started to miss Thanksgiving & Christmas so badly it ached. I think I had that reaction because I miss being near my family, and those are the times that it's a little harder to live so far away. I have a goal this year to make a blanket for each one of my kids, & my husband, for Christmas. I told Tyler last night that maybe if I cook something holiday-smelling every few weeks, it will remind me to keep busy on all those blankets so I get them done in time!! Tyler's & Shaylee's blankets are already started...& Addy's & the new baby's will be the fastest to do since they can be small!! I'm still deciding on how to do Cayden's.

Also, thank you to everyone for your comments on my dilemma with the neighbor girl...I have taken all advice into consideration :-) Luckily we haven't really had any other problems with her!
(I would have said TRIPLETS but Twins is a little more believable ;-)