Saturday, January 31, 2009

Our first big purchase together!

Okay, no more complaining. No one likes a whiner...not to mention after reading Cassidy's comment that she's broken several ribs at once before, I feel very fortunate that I'm normally such a healthy, accident-free person!
So on that note...this morning Tyler wanted to get up early and go look at vans, since we got our tax return (and being sick and hurt wasn't going to stop me from picking out my own van...since this was going to be my transportation more than Tyler's) . For us the best option was to buy a van for cash because like a lot of people right now, we don't want to make payments!! We'd been searching online for atleast a month...but all of a sudden when we finally have the money, we were having a hard time finding the good (and USED) vans. We ended up going to a dealership where Tyler knows a guy there, although unfortunately it was his day off. BUT, we were able to find a wonderful 2003 Chevy Venture, with 100,000 miles, that was in our cash price-range!! It's so clean inside, and Tyler took it to his work on the test drive, to check for leaks and have his work buddies help him make sure everything sounded and looked good in the van. All in all I am SO happy that we have a nice van that we feel good about, and that still has plenty of life in it, and even looks good. It's a relief to not owe anything on it, and have the piece of mind that we have a bigger vehicle to fit our growing family's needs!!
You'd think we bought a 2009 Cadillac Escalade or something, by the way I have to keep looking out the window to our carport to make sure that buying it wasn't just a dream!

Friday, January 30, 2009

I don't mean to complain... but make it stop!

Last night, the kids and I drove to pick up Tyler from work. On the way home I started to cough (that tends to happen with bronchitis) and all of a sudden I heard a "POP" sound from my upper left side where my ribs are. Then I started getting an intense stabbing pain everytime I moved, coughed, even breathed. We were going to stop at Michael's Craft Store so that I could run in by myself real quick and use my 40% off coupon on a big skein of yarn...and Tyler said we better go straight home. I told him no chance, and I managed to suck up the pain long enough to run through the store and get my yarn (I already knew exactly what I needed to grab). When we got home I called the E.R. We were just there a few days ago for Tyler's head so I wasn't surprised when the guy said that there is a 2+ hour wait right now. I talked to a triage nurse about my problem and she said she'd be happy to take a look if I came in tonight...but then I asked her what they could do if the rib was even broken. Basically they send you home with pain meds and tell you to rest a lot. I decided there was no point in going in. I've gotten used to breathing as shallow as possible because before this incident my ribs were already extremely that helps lessen the pain...and I've figured out that if I curl into a ball, or lean way over when coughing and hold my ribs, I can bear the long as I make my cough shallow.
Good news on the other hand...yesterday I was able to smell soap, and today I ate bean & ham soap and was able to taste it!! The antibiotics are clearing up the sinus infection!! Thank goodness...because I was going through taste withdrawals big time! Yesterday I was craving Olive Garden, and then as I drove by IHop I was craving the taste of pancakes...anything that has FLAVOR! One nice thing about losing my taste though...was that 2 days ago I was able to sit down with a big bowl of TOMATO SOAP and toast, and I could feel the warm creaminess of the soup run down my throat, it was just as I'd always imagined it could taste like! A little explanation on that...I HATE tomato soap. I watch people eat it on the tv commercials and it looks so incredibly delicious...but when I've actually tried it, it has always tasted bitter and nasty to me. It's the only dish I've ever eaten that I just cannot stand! But for that one day...when I was still pretty much tasteless...I was able to enjoy it. Good times!
Addy's stomach seems more having to change her whole outfit 10 times a day thank goodness! Cayden's ear infections haven't been bothering him and I'm sure they are clearing up quickly with his antibiotics. Luckily Tyler has been a huge help over the last several weeks. Since there's not much else he can do for me, he's very willing to help get the house in order and take turns cooking meals! Thank you Tyler!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Accidents and more Relief!

Since I just wrote about my health, I'll include the rest of my family's interesting experiences! First off, right after I wrote my last post, Cayden came up to me crying because his throat and heart hurt. His Pediatrician was able to squeeze him right in. He has a throat virus but he couldn't hear anything wrong with his chest that would make his "heart hurt". He also found Cayden has ear infections...which Cayden never complained about his ears or head. He's now on an antibiotic along with me! Addy has had a very upset tummy to where I have had to change her about 5 times so far just today! Her 6th tooth has broken through, but the doc says he never links those two things despite what others say...he says she seems to have a stomach medicine for her. She is VERY cranky and has been sleeping very little the last couple of nights...I need to pick up some bananas today and some starchy foods for her tummy! Shaylee and Tyler are the only ones who aren't sick, but Tyler had some exciting things happen the other day...

Last Thursday, Tyler was at work and dropped a 10+ lb grate on his head...leaving him with a headache the rest of the day (he works in a lube center, down in the "pit"). Well then the very next day (around 4:30 p.m.), I get a call from Tyler that says "Hey, I hurt myself. I cut my head open and I'll call you as soon as I know which hospital they are taking me too". My mother-in-law was able to watch the kids (luckily her shift at work hadn't changed to evenings yet!!) and I found Tyler at the Shannon E.R. (we have two hospitals here). He had dried blood ALL over his face, his clothes, even in his ears. 4 hours later his forehead was sewn up with 4 stitches...the cut was only about 1 1/2 inches wide but that thing didn't want to stop bleeding, otherwise, he probably could have just been "glued" up instead of getting stitches. I told him he REALLY needed to take a day off...but he was back at work the next day...and luckily hasn't had any accidents since then (other than the usual cuts and burns he gets on his hands everyday from working).

I'm excited to go to Walmart tonight to get mine and Cayden's antibiotics (well, not excited about going's 26 degrees here). My ribs feel like someone is crushing them...and the wheezing and crackling in my chest is incredibly annoying and gross. I'm just happy knowing that after the long weeks of sickness in this should soon be over...for awhile atleast!!


I have had the worst cough and cold for 5 weeks now! A week and a half ago I finally went to a walk-in clinic (even though I can't stand them) and waited the 2 1/2 hours to be seen because I couldn't function much more...since I spend most of my nights awake and coughing and not being able to breathe from my cold. The doc told me he couldn't hear anything in my lungs, even though I was coughing stuff up. He just told me to take Robitussin DM. THANKS DOC, my little sister already told me to take that! The DM did absolutely nothing for me, unfotunately. Finally today I went to a different walk-in clinic that my husband likes better. After 3 hours I finally got in. I was diagnosed with Asthmatic Bronchitis as well as a Sinus Infection. Now as soon as I get my prescription in to the Pharmacy, I'll finally start getting relief. I'm SO HAPPY!! One of the WORST things is that I haven't been able to SMELL ANYTHING for 2 weeks. I can't smell poopy diapers...cookies burning in the oven...NOTHING. Some might consider that a good thing...but what if I got something on me and I wouldn't know because I couldn't smell it?? Also, I can't taste anything unless it's really salty. I've still been eating regular food, but I've found that's pointless since it doesn't taste I think I'll be eating a lot more soup. I had Campbell's chicken noodle today for lunch though and it wasn't pleasant (normally I love it)....I LOVE food and now eating has become more of a CHORE. I hope this antibiotic works quickly! Although I guess if I was dieting, this would be the way to do it! It's a lot easier to eat healthy when the food tastes just the same as the junk food, haha!

Oh and something funny...whenever Tyler & I pull cash from an ATM, we jokingly say to eachother "I won, I WON!!" ...well we do that now when we are waiting somewhere for a long while I was at the Doctor's, I text messaged him and told him how tired I was of waiting...but that I was next so when they say my name I so want to scream "I won, I WON!"...he dared me but his dare came after I already got called in to a room. I have to say though that was the closest I've ever come to actually doing it...because I was sick and a little delirious from waiting so long so I wouldn't have cared that much what people thought!!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Goals for 2009

It's unlike me to post so many times in such a short time, but the last couple of days I've been thinking about what I want to accomplish this year. A year really does go by quickly so I've been trying to make my list as "accomplishable" as possible so that I don't get frustrated. I would like to get more physically in shape...and that is important, but I'm going to try not to focus on the "lose a little weight" type of goal!

1. BEEF UP OUR FOOD STORAGE!! - We have a very tiny pantry closet. It is also the only closet (beside bedroom closets) to put stuff in so only half of it is able to be used for food storage. We need to either buy some kind of cupboard or storage thing to put in our carport to put non-food items in so that there is more room in the "pantry" for food...or buy some kind of thing for in our dining room to put more food storage in.

2. a)LEARN TO PLAY MORE HYMNS ON THE PIANO! (not simplified hymns!) Today I opened my hymn book and started slowly plunking through "The Morning Breaks" on page 1. I figured that was a good place to start! It's going to be quite a process, but I am determined. Especially since yesterday my husband mentioned he's going to start again trying to learn to play the Simplified Hymns. After taking YEARS of lessons, I refuse to let my quick-learning husband pass me up! I need to buy all the Technic books to help me retrain my fingers to move quickly!!

b)TEACH SHAYLEE PIANO - This was quite challenging the last time I tried. I try to teach her to sit up straight and curve her fingers the right way which she absolutely hates, and then she hates repeating things so she isn't crazy about practicing the same things over and over til it's perfect! I'm determined to atleast teach her the first year or two though. Then after that maybe she'd listen to a real teacher more than me!!

3. a) SPEND MORE TIME CRAFTING, RATHER THAN FINDING MORE AND MORE PROJECTS!!! - This is hard to do...there are just so many free, fun, cute ideas out there so I love surfing the internet and bookmarking all the cute projects. The problem is, I have enough projects bookmarked right now to last me atleast two lifetimes, and I don't know how much crafting we'll get to do in the next life!! :-) So...I'm going to try to stick first to the projects I've already started or bought supplies for, and to ones that are for special occasions like holidays, birthdays... (such as the count-down calendars pieces I cut out 2 years ago but still haven't sewn them together because sewing machines intimidate me), and most importantly, projects that beautify our home!

b) TEACH SHAYLEE MORE CHALLENGING CRAFTS! - She gets frustrated easily...but I know that if I could help her concentrate on a craft that takes a little concentration, it might help her with her ability to sit still and focus. She loves choices, so I need to make a list of things she can choose to make, and give her the supplies and teach her how it's done. Like me, she needs things that don't take TOO long to make though because then she loses interest.

Well those are my top 3 goals. My other goals include keeping my house really organized, budgeting better, finding ways to enjoy the hot Texas outdoors more, and many more...but my top 3 are things I absolutely will focus on and remind myself of every day!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Simple Pleasures!

Today was a pretty dang good day I'd have to say. First off, I had a little money on my Paypal account from selling a hat yesterday so I decided to go to Ross to see if I could find Shaylee another church dress since she's running very low! Well I couldn't find a modest dress, and couldn't even find a cute long sleeved shirt for her. BUT, I ended up picking up a 16 piece set of glasses that we desparately needed, for only $10.99. From the original blue glasses we'd bought to match our plates & bowls...we were down to 3 small glasses and 2 tall ones. (I usually accidentally broke them...when I do the dishes sometimes they fling across the sink, what can I say?!) After I got home I started doing the dishes, and realized that our last two tall glasses are gone now, too!! They vanished...I've looked everywhere! It's a good thing I finally bought new ones!! I'm guessing Tyler broke them while I was in Washington, although he says he honestly has no clue where they are! :-) As my sister Stacy would say... "RIIIIIIght", haha! Since posts are always more interesting w/ pictures, here are my shiny new glasses :-) The short ones remind me of the kind that are usually in motels/hotels!

Then, I also responded to a classified ad that was selling a table and 4 chairs for $50 and it included a picture. I could already tell it was 10 times nicer than mine...and I jumped at the chance to get rid of my stained, fabric covered seats and marker-marked old wood table for that price. Tyler didn't get off work til later so a couple of Tyler's friends came with me to get it. It's now in our dining room and I can't keep my eyes off it!! It's by far the nicest thing in our dining/kitchen area now! It's still not my "dream" table because I'm sure in a year or two I'll get tired of cleaning between the little grooves of the tile, not to mention we'll need a bigger table eventually...but for now it's absolutely PERFECT and I'm SO happy! I was able to get rid of my old table set on easily a couple hours before picking up the new one which was perfect. That old table set was our only real piece of ghetto furniture and now it's gone!! YAY!!!! Our old table was a little smaller so my metal wire basket looks pretty small and sad now sitting there!

Oh and for kicks, here is the gingerbread house made from the kit my mom sent home with us from Thanksgiving!! I almost forgot to take a picture of it before throwing it out, until I saw my mom had posted pics of the ones Heidi's family made! (Shaylee decorated the back of the house and the right side of the roof, and I helped Cayden with the front and left side) Thanks mom!

Monday, January 5, 2009

The Holiday Craziness is OVER, so here are overdue pictures!!

Tyler and I always have a hard time sleeping on Christmas Eve, but this year was worse, so we woke the kids up at 6 a.m.! We just can't help it, we love seeing our kids' reactions when they come out Christmas morning! It was a good Christmas. It was so peaceful and we were just happy to be together. SINCE then however, there has been very little peace!! Cayden is absolutely addicted to the Wii. At first he was okay playing it by himself, but now he always wants someone playing with him, which gets tricky if it's during a school day and Tyler is at work. I end up playing one game with him, then getting ready for the day, then play one game, then do a job, play a game...etc. He's very animated when he plays, so atleast he's getting exercise, but the whining about losing has got to stop!! I love boxing with the game that came with the Wii, and Mario Kart! Someday we'll buy more controllers and wheels so we can all play at the same time...that could get interesting!! I made Tyler sell our PS2 and it's games that we bought a couple years ago, before Santa was allowed to bring us a Wii!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Year! Although it's sad to take down the Christmas decorations, it made me happy to think that I have a new year to get busy in preparing for next Christmas!! I have a lot of projects I want to do this year and hopefully I can just do better this year than last year!

This one was taken today while the kids played the Wii they got from Santa. (Santa bought it over 3 months before Christmas and kept it in a closet just for us, in case they were hard to get ahold of around Christmas time!! Santa and Mrs. Clause MAY have gotten it out a few times...late at night when there were no witnesses.. to play it in the meantime before Christmas...just to make sure it was in working order of course!)

Tyler showing off his new Notre Dame sweatshirt he got in a family exchange.

Sadly I'd never thought to ask Santa for yarn until I read online about some people's stockings being filled with knitting needles, yarn, pattern books, etc! Man...nowadays yarn is so much more exciting (for me to get) than little knick knacks that end up lost or trashed the next day...some people are so creative!!!

Cayden got to play "Joseph" in the Nativity Play for Joy School! He was very embarrassed when he had to hold Hannah's hand as they "walked" to Bethlehem!

Addy had Bronchiolitis (and an ear infection that usually comes along with that sickness) so she had to use a nebulizer for breathing treatments for a few days. She was pretty good about it considering she is very active, and had to sit still for about 9 minutes at a time, several times a day!!

The kids with "Santa Caudle" (Tyler's Dad) at their Ward Christmas Party. We missed our own ward party because the kids were too sick!!