Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Shaylee's Baptism

Shaylee was baptized on November 15th, at 3 p.m. at the San Angelo, Texas
Sunset Drive Chapel of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
This post is really late, but Shaylee I want you to know how proud Daddy and I are to be your parents, and how proud we are that you want to always Choose the Right. Always follow the Spirit and you will never go astray. You are a very important part of the church, as well as in our family, and I hope that we will be together forever. You have such a good heart and are always willing to help. Thank you and I love you! Love, Mom
Warren (holding Addy) & Julie (Tyler's Parents), Tyler, me, Stacey (Tyler's sister), Cayden, and Shaylee (and Shaylee looks like she's holding ATTITUDE!!) Oh and Grandma Caudle made the white dress for her, as well as a purple dress for her to wear after the baptism!
Our little family!

Our cute kids! Addy DID have socks on but she never keeps them on for long!

Tyler was ecstatic to get to baptize our oldest child, but it did make him a little sad that he's getting so old, and our kids are too!!!

Friday, December 5, 2008

~Our Thanksgiving~

Me and Ashlyn (Stacy's toddler) rocking

Well the kids and I had the BEST time visiting with my big family during Thanksgiving!!! Well, it started off bad...our car broke down after only driving 2 and 1/2 hours...but after we got a rental the next day, it was smooth sailing! I was so excited to see my two baby nieces that I'd never met, as well as seeing how tall all the rest of the kids have become!! We ate TONS of good food, went ice skating, did a little hairbow making and crocheting, but mainly got lots of good talking time in!! We even saw a little snow for a few minutes!! Mom bought all the grandkids an early Christmas present...Shaylee played with her singing Hannah Montana barbie the whole way home (much to my annoyance, haha!), Cayden loves his fire truck, and Addy has been having lots of fun with her singing toy!! My mom spend some one on one time with Shaylee which was so great. Shaylee also spent a few nights at her Aunt Jennifer's! Cayden was addicted to the Mario Kart game on the Wii and loved rough-housing with the other boys, although they are all quite a bit older than Cayden so he got hurt (mainly in the mouth, poor kid) a lot but had lots of fun. Nicole's birthday was on Thanksgiving and I think she got quite a few things that she loved...probably mainly the Twilight items Mom bought!!! I'm still deciding if I want to jump into the Twilight craze...I'll probably go to the movie soon and then decide if I want to read the books. I'm really bad sometimes...I'm usually crocheting so I don't read much even though I used to LOVE reading. I think I need to get books on Cd or something that I can listen to while I crochet! But at the same time, that's just not the same thing as curling up with a good book and blocking everything else out!!
My dad managed and organized the building of my grandpa's building out on Highway 17, the C&V Auto. Now my mom has picked up where he left off, and is doing the building that is going up right next to it!! I think my dad was amazing for daring to give up farming and learn all about building, the permits, etc. Now I think it's incredible that my mom was willing to help grandpa by learning everything in such a short amount of time and continue with the work. I think I have pretty amazing and talented parents.
Mom combined all of our photos from the trip onto a CD for each of us, and since there are SOOOO many great pictures, I had to narrow it down to some of my absolute favorites!! More pictures to come soon but right now my internet is having issues!!

Cayden opening his firetruck from Grandma McConkie

My sister-in-law Sara holding Addy...the dress Addy is wearing was from my mom, and it has poodles on it, SOOOO cute!!

Shaylee bought Grandma a present, it was a precious moment!

Pregnant Stacy holding my little Addy!