Monday, June 22, 2009

Updates & a few pictures!

*Shaylee is 8 1/2 and has finished 2nd grade! She also currently has the chicken pox even though I'm 90% sure she was vaccinated! She hasn't had a fever or felt sick...but she definitely has the spots all over the front of her to prove it!! She LOVES to do crafts. Recently I showed her how she can draw pictures with a pencil on Watercolor paper, and then paint the picture with Watercolors...& use extra water to fade. She has made some beautiful pictures of flowers and the neighbors' houses!
*Cayden is 4 3/4 and has finished Joy School & is excited to start Preschool this year! I've been working with both Shaylee & Cayden on these books that have their own level of math, writing, reading, etc. and they BEG to do more and more pages...I have to actually LIMIT them so that they are able to really absorb what they are learning before learning new things! Right now, Cayden LOVES Super Mario Brothers and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!
*Addisyn is 15 months old, and getting more funny by the day! She is a VERY happy child. When she thinks her dad is home from work...she yells "DADDA!" at the top of her high shrilly voice & runs to the baby gate to wait for him! She actually loves nap time...but isn't as excited about BEDTIME anymore! She LOVES our lab "Lucky" and LOVES playing with Shaylee & Cayden. When they are playing in the bedroom together, she is entertained FOREVER! She's started to say cheese (her favorite food) by saying "SHEES" and gets that funny toothy smile on her face as she says it! If I ask her to get me her cup, bowl, etc that she is using for her snacks or drink that day...she is VERY quick to go search for it & bring it to me for a refill! I'm amazed at home much they understand at such a young age!
*My pregnancy is going VERY well! I'm 6 months along & luckily haven't gained as much weight as I did with Addy so far! I think I gain less weight with the boys than I did with Addy because I don't crave as much junk food! We're excited to have our 3rd ultrasound in 8 more days! Tyler is still working hard at his job. The other day he was given an engraved plaque and pen for his years with the company. I appreciate all of his hard work that allows me to be home with our kids each day!

Addy always looks so innocent while pulling out all the videos & DVDs!

Cayden - The Joy School graduate

Giving Lucky some lovin'

This is a face you only see when she is REALLY frustrated...she was trying to get something out of the closet and it was stuck!