Tuesday, March 9, 2010

One less stress in my life...soon!

A long time ago I wrote a post about my frustration with a little girl that'd moved next door...I'm so happy that they are moving away! I know that's not a very Christ-like attitude, but unfortunately I had a run-in with the grandma this morning that left me so mad that I was shaking! I was looking out the window around 11 a.m. after picking up Cayden from Preschool. I noticed the grandma (she's not old...probably in her early 50's) take her trash cans from the curb next to ours (it was trash day that morning)...but she also grabbed one of our lids. I was holding Zachary as I walked outside and said "Ma'am", and as nicely as possible told her that she'd taken one of our trash can lids. She then told me how I'd stolen it from them a long time ago. She then starts saying swear words and preceeds to tell me how my husband was digging through their trash this morning. A smirk spread across my face as I started imagining it...my husband has the biggest phobia EVER when it comes to taking something of someone's that's been left out for the trash...so he wouldn't even THINK about TOUCHING something in a trash can. I told her that but she insisted that her and her daughter watched him this morning, thinking to themselves how we must be desparate and be looking for food. HA! She ended up giving me the lid but as I walked away I couldn't hold my tongue, and said "We were thinking the same thing about you guys" (regarding the comment of being too poor for food). DANG IT, I stooped to her level. I kept walking as she repeated "WHAT??!! WHAT did you say?!!" at me. She then went into dangerous territory. She said how I was a bad parent because I "make" my daughter walk home from school when there are dangerous people out there. Oh yes. She called me a bad parent. It took everything I had to put my trash cans inside our back yard, and not turn around. Her now 6 year old (4 when they moved here) runs around the entire busy street, half dressed with no shoes, and goes in people's back yards and steals things....but my 9 1/2 year old is too young to walk 1/4 of a mile home from school when we already know exactly where the "bad people"that she is referring to live and there are none even close to the street that we have her walk home on...and she only walks home on the nice days...and because the doctor wants to make sure she's getting plenty of exercise (and did I mention she has a nice new bike she can ride to school)!!?? And about them claiming Tyler dug through their trash...did I mention that a few months ago Shaylee was freaked out because she caught the grandma looking through OUR trash cans that were against our house!? I never went over and said anything to the grandma though since I felt sorry for her...and she didn't end up taking anything anyway. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!
Alright, I'm done. I'm not shaking anymore. It's a beautiful sunny day and the kids and I will definitely have to go for a walk in a little while!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

9 year-old Heartbreak

Today Shaylee was acting more emotional than usual. Finally we got to the root of the problem....she is having trouble with her friends at school. She cried as if the world was coming to an end, as she told me how her best friend Emma hasn't played with her in over a week, because one day Shaylee was playing with another friend at recess "too much". Shaylee is an extremely emotional and dramatic child...but it hurt so much to see her anguishing over this. I held her and wanted to tell her that that in a year she'd forget this all ever happened...but to a 9 year old girl...this was the end of the world. I hope that she can survive all that the future holds for her...and that she will choose to be happy! I love that girl!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Potty-training underway!

For the last couple of months, Addy (23 months old) has been acting like she's ready to potty train. This last Saturday I decided to buy her some girly panties (SO weird to do laundry and find those tiny things!) & she has been doing great!! She's had a couple little accidents each day (since Saturday), but that's not that many considering she drinks a LOT of water so she needs to use the restroom quite a bit! I am SO proud of her! She loves the attention...especially when she gets to put a sticker on her Elmo Potty Chart that came in a Elmo coloring book she picked out. She even wakes up with a dry diaper in the mornings so I think that she'll do fine with night-training, too! Yay!