Thursday, November 8, 2007

" ? GIRL "

The title says it all. Today my little family went to the Doctor with me for my Ultrasound. The baby wasn't moving much and was being way too modest for our liking!! We couldn't find anything to prove it was a boy, so we are going with "? GIRL", which is what the Doc put on the picture of the Ultrasound. Now some of you already know, but with my son, they had said "Well there's nothing flapping in the wind, it's a girl!" yet much to our surprise it was a boy come my labor day!! it is just a wee bit frustrating that we get a "? GIRL". My two older sisters recently found out that they are having girls, and I've felt from the beginning of this pregnancy that it's a girl, but now to know for certain, we'll have to wait 8 more weeks when they do the 3-D Ultrasound. (I figure if they can't tell from a 3-D picture, we've got a problem!) I'm still assuming it's a girl though, and when I buy outfits, they will be ruffly (and I will keep the receipts just in case)!!! After calling my mom and sisters, my sister Tami let me know that I should drink juice (because of the sugar) to get the baby moving. That info is better late than never, so I'll make sure I do that right before the next ultrasound!!! If I had a reliable scanner I would put the ultrasound pics up...maybe when I'm really bored I'll take digital pics of them to get them posted!?
I think my son is a little upset that he may not be getting his "Superman baby boy"...I think he'll get over it when the baby is born though. He loves to look at babies. Tyler thought it would be a boy and I said a girl, so we made a friendly wager on it. :-) Whoever is right, gets an extra $400 from February's tax return to themself!! So far I'm winning...hahahahaha!!! If at the next ultrasound they say it's a girl, he'll probably accuse me of bribing the Doc. Eh, he can't admit when he's wrong :-)