Saturday, April 26, 2008

Life is Good

This was taken last night on "Orange Julius Night" which we do every Friday. Shaylee was spending the night at Grandma & Grandpa Caudle's. Cayden was there too but it's really hard for him to miss out on Orange Julius and the shows we watch while we drink them, so we went back and picked him up!

Addy is wearing a beatiful hairbow Grandpa McConkie sent.

Her Grandma McConkie sent this GORGEOUS dress (Thank you Aunt Stacy for helping pick out the color!!), and last night she was in a very cute mood so I thought it'd be a good time to try to take a picture of her wearing it...well after a few minutes she was done with her good mood so this is the only halfway decent shot I got. I'll try again tomorrow!! She's also wearing some booties I crocheted...the angle I took the picture at makes her feet look huge though!!

When Addy Mae started getting cranky, I asked Tyler if he'd get under my backdrop and kind of bounce her right before I took the picture!! He was very accomadating, but unfortunately wasn't in the photo mood so he hid his face in the sheet! Thanks hubby for being helpful anyway!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Chunky Monkey!

Tyler and I have noticed that Addy's cheeks are getting a little chub, as well as her arms...but I didn't expect what I heard at her doctor appointment today!! For being 4 and a half weeks old, she is now a whopping 10 lbs! In the last two weeks she gained 2 lbs, and also grew 2 INCHES!!WOW! So throughout the day I call her my "Chunky Monkey". I hope she doesn't get a complex, haha! Today my father-in-law took the older kids for a few I was able to get a MUCH needed nap with Addy. I've been going to bed late...and trying to clean my house while she's sleeping, instead of taking a nap with her, so I've been so exhausted I've had a good headache every day lately!!! But now I'm all rested :-)

Last week our family had pictures taken! We had them done in the old fashioned outfits and I think the photographer did a wonderful job, but I guess we'll find out in a couple weeks when we see the pictures!

Two days ago I "won" a new Saturday's Warrior DVD on Ebay! For those of you that don't know what movie that is (*GASP*), it is an OLD, CHEESY but hillarious musical/movie about an LDS family. Even after YEARS of not seeing it, I still remember most of the words to every song on it! I'm going crazy waiting for it! I LOVED watching it with my family when I was younger and can't wait for my husband and kids to see it for the first time!

Well nothing else too terribly exciting has been happening down here in our little "corner" of the world, so I guess I better do some quick straightening up of the house while Addisyn still looks content! Never mind, she's not content anymore! I'm really regretting buying a bouncy chair for her...she sits in it for about 1 minute and is cranky. I should have bought her a swing chair...Cayden had one of those and he loved it. Eh, live and learn. Have a great evening!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Doing well!!

Things have been going well! Addisyn is starting to get more and more personality! She has started smiling sometimes when she's awake now, and makes some funny laughing sounds!! Late evenings aren't usually very fun...for about 4 hours every evening she is terribly gassy and fussy. She does pretty well at night though, usually only waking up twice to be fed and changed. Everything else in life is going pretty good too...we're hoping to get Shaylee started up with tennis in a few weeks through a program. She also recently got her ears pierced. Her daddy had been trying to talk her into it for about a year now but she was too scared. One day, without Tyler even asking her, she decided she wanted them pierced. Cayden is really enjoying Joy School. He is much more outgoing now...and makes his teachers call him "Spiderman", "Batman", or "Superman", depending on who he wants to be that day. One day I was scolding him and he said "Mommy I'm not CAYDEN, I'm SPIDERMAN". To that I said "When you are in trouble, your name is CAYDEN!!". It was funny. Well here are more pictures!
Addy is in her pretty pink princess robe that one of Tyler's coworkers gave us!

That robe is just too cute!

Sleepy baby.

Cranky baby. She's probably thinking "Enough pictures mom!!" The blanket she is laying on is a gorgeous blessing blanket her Grandma McConkie hand embroidered even though she has arthritis in her hands and also had carpal tunnel surgery in the recent past, thank you Mom, you're awesome!!!

This is the position Tyler puts her in to help her get out the gassiness (is that a word?? haha)

Shaylee lost another tooth recently so she is showing it off!

Addy is wearing an adorable dress/outfit Grandma McConkie sent us back when CAYDEN was born!! (He was "supposed" to be a girl!)

The headband she is wearing is one I quickly crocheted before church and wove a ribbon through it and tied a bow...she couldn't go to church without a matching hair-thing to wear with the dress could she?!!

Monday, April 7, 2008


Here are some more pictures (Thanks to my little sis Stacy for pushing me to post more!!!) ...sorry I haven't had much time to actually WRITE things in my blog, but Addy keeps me busy. She has been sleeping a lot less lately, and wants held whether she's awake or asleep...and I'm not crazy about typing with one hand!

She's actively participating in the Easter egg hunt!!!

More Recent Pictures

Here is a picture of me on April 3rd, my birthday (the big 2-6!!) , holding Addy. Cayden and Shaylee also helped me blow out my can't see Shaylee in this pic though.

Tyler is holding Addy before her first week of church. We have church in the afternoon so we don't get Sunday naps anymore :-( I love this picture.

Addy is snuggling Daddy in the morning. As long as she is face to face with one of us in the middle of the night, she sleeps very well!!!

Addy still doesn't fully enjoy her vibrating bouncy chair...hopefully she does eventually.

Cayden and Shaylee are really good helpers with their little sister.