Wednesday, December 5, 2007


I've been tagged so enjoy!!!
Five things I was doing 10 years ago:

(Yes I was about 14-15 in this photo...and a pretty big tomboy)

1. So I was 15...I met and started dating my husband at the end of my 15th year!!

2. I also dated my first "real" boyfriend at the beginning of my 15th year...Matt.

3. I was enjoying playing every school sport girls could play (well, softball, basketball, & volleyball)

4. I had a lot of fun going to church mutual activities and looked so forward to the combined young men/young women activities! I also LOVED church dances.

5. I started getting into snowboarding around this time and so I hung up my skiis and never looked back! I was in a cast for a few weeks after my first boarding trip!!

Five things on my "to do list" today:

1. Well I would vaccuum the house...but I'll have to use my Carpet Flik and see how well it works...yesterday I started vaccuming but stepped on the taped cord (from the dog chewing it) and it shocked and burned the bottom of my foot...and my husband needs more electrical tape to fix it this evening, it HURT!!!)

2. Shower (it's 9:45 a.m. but I've been folding laundry and straightening up all morning so give me a break!!)

3. Wash Dishes (I wish I had a dishwasher SOOO bad)

4. Get the desk organized, as well as the stuff for a garage sale that's piling up in the dining room!

5. Take a nap while Cayden is taking his!!! (Good luck with that...lately I can't sleep at night hardly at all from being pregnant, and my naps always get interrupted by SOMETHING. This time the phone is getting left off the hook!!!)

Five things I would do if I were a millionaire:

1. Pay off what's left of a student loan, as well as any other debt

2. Buy an SUV for me, and a nice big truck for Tyler

3. Buy a 4-5 bedroom house w/some new furniture

4. Buy new clothes for family (mine and extended family)

5. Find a couple good causes to donate to

Five things I will never wear again:
(Definitely won't be wearing an outfit like this again!! I was 9, Stacy was 6)

1. Spumoni outfits...haha, those were those cute outfits with raised graphics on them, like kittens, etc that I wore in grade school

2. Big bows in my hair...something my mom made sure I was ALWAYS wearing...and I've been slacking at having big bows for Shaylee...but if this new baby is a girl she'll get tortured the same as me, out of love of course, as well as because big bows really are cute :-)

3. Clothes that don't cover garments!?! (of course that was never a problem since my mom raised us to wear modest clothes from the beginning!!)

4. 3+ inch heels?? Being a mom they just aren't that practical...but I would like some new 2-2.5 inch heels to wear out, I've gotten a little too used to tennis shoes or platform shoes!!

5. Probably white pants?? Being a mom and having a pet, I have to be extra careful when I wear white pants don't sound appealing. I had a pair of white jeans in 4th grade that I LOVED but I ALWAYS came home with a stain on day I came home with mud down my whole leg from playing tag, haha!

Five of my favorite toys:

1. Computer

2. Digital Camera...ours is practically a dinosaur now though!

3. Bosch Mixer & my Crockpot!!!

4. My Bike

5. My crochet stuff

Five (or six) people to tag:

1. Alicia & Moe

2. Kylee

3. Lisa

*Sorry guys if you've already been tagged...I didn't check before putting names