Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas 2009

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas...we did! Thank you to all our family & friends that helped make it special!
Here we are in our Christmas pj's!

A quick picture before church last was COLD (Texas cold...not Idaho/Washington/Utah cold)

I LOVE Zach in these pj's! Thanks Aunt Stephanie (Garry)!

Our Tree

My beautiful candy canes...bread dough filled with raspberry filling...just wish I'd added the yeast & water so that they would have actually risen. That's what I get for trying to bake with an incredible head-cold (I discovered my yeast with water in it's bowl by the sink AFTER I got all done shaping the bread)!

Our gingerbread houses (Cayden's on the left, Tyler's, mine, and Addy's in the middle, and Shaylee's is on the right)

The kids trying out their new wagon!

Cayden loves his new Indiana Jones Wii game!

Santa brought Shaylee this beautiful art set with drawers and a built-in easel! The first thing she painted with it was the Earth.

My new track suit & running shoes - this pic was taken around 7 a.m. with no make-up so be kind...) Normally Tyler & I try not to spend much money at all on eachother but this year we gave eachother a bigger budget...I can't believe how perfect Tyler did (I got him a watch and made him a Notre Dame blanket that I promised to make like 2 years ago!?) !

Tyler opening his watch

Tyler's blanket that I made - I made it out of jersey fabric...the main part is a rib knit which is SO stretchy so it was a PAIN to sew a double layer...but I think it turned out good and Tyler loves it!

PJ's from Grandma/Grandpa Sanderson & Nicole

One of Shaylee's gifts from the Grandparents & Nicole, too!

She loved her "baby" doll...unfortunately the other pic of her holding it turned out too blurry to post

One of Addy's Santa gifts...unfortunately she can't reach the pedals, but she still likes it!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Things that have made me smile so far today:

*I love you's from Tyler on:
the Event Reminder Alarm of my cell phone
the bathroom mirror
the white-board in the kitchen
the screensaver of our computer
the passenger side van window
the rear van window
& a heart on the passenger side mirror

*Shaylee trying her best to be patient while helping Cayden get some cereal for breakfast

*Cayden's graham cracker "gingerbread house" that he made in school today

*Addisyn giving Zachary big, snot-running-down-the-nose kisses

*Zachary's laugh

Monday, December 14, 2009

Craft Projects & Recent Pics

Since Zachary was born, I try to avoid going to the store that often, even though shopping (or in my case usually just window shopping!) is something I love! It just gets a little crazy juggling the the baby & toddler...especially in the smaller carts that they have at my favorite stores...Hobby Lobby, Michael's, and Hancock Fabrics! Anyway...I also gave up naps about a month ago because I REALLY needed time for a creative outlet (even more than I needed sleep!?)...which right now is mainly sewing. Here are some recent pics I've taken, and projects I've completed! It feels good to start accomplishing projects that I've bookmarked on the internet! I'm the QUEEN of bookmarking projects...I have a "to make" list that would take me about 10 life times to finish!! I never used to take photos of projects I've made but I'm thinking of starting another blog just for my that I can put links to the tutorials I used. Not only then can people have easy access to the projects they like on my blog, but I can have easy access to the tutorials so that I can make the same projects again in the future if I wish!!

Babylegs...I'd never heard of them til recently, and I found a free tutorial to make them out of knee socks...much cheaper!!!

I bought some fleece to make a blanket for someone's new baby...the birdies on the fabric were SO cute that I HAD to make Addy some pj's out of the extra!

Addy fell asleep standing on this sterilite container...what a funny girl! Oh and luckily she only sucks her thumb when she sleeps!

Shaylee is a great helper!

Here's a table runner I made for my mom from another free tutorial (using freezer paper as a stencil...her table is longer than mine so it looks like a funny length here on my table! (I purposely made it so it wouldn't hang over the edges of her table)

Here are some corduroy pants I made the same way as her fleece birdy pj's (I used some of her other pants as a don't even have to cut them)! The material was half off & it only took 1/2 yard so they only cost $1.50 to make...pretty economical I'd say!

Some people call these baby's basically a recieving blanket with ties on it! I used cotton on the outside & brown fleece on the inside...& I couldn't help adding cute jumbo ric rac on the outside! I cut my fabric to be 38 inches square. This keeps baby Zach nice & he doesn't wake up as much when we have to run to multiple stores in the cold air!

Here's me and my new accessory. No not the baby...the scarf (although he's even cuter than the scarf)! I used a free's just 4 inch squares sewn's jersey knit (t-shirt fabric)! It's so soft & not TOO warm so it's perfect for people who feel like they are choking when they wear turtlenecks or scarves!!

This is the back of Addy's new Paper Doll Dress!

Don't you lOVE the pockets?? I bought this pattern from lilblueboo for only $ can find a link to her blog on the right side of my blog. She's also wearing the babylegs I made her since it's starting to get cold outside!

My mom sent the kids these beautiful church outfits! How did I end up with such cute kids??

Last but not's the Zach Attack! I just love his little smiles, & when I kiss him he turns his head & tries to eat my face! As tiring as it is to have babies...I'm so sad that they grow up so fast!