Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Like we have anything to steal!?

Last night Tyler & I went to bed around 10:30 p.m. By that I mean, HE fell asleep instantly and my pregnant-self rolled around for an hour (I'm up every hour at nights nowadays...only 3 weeks to go!) Anyway, at 11:30 p.m., our dog Lucky started barking like CRAZY and ran to our side door where our carport is...running back & forth (this dog has one mean bark). As Tyler was trying to wake up, I thought I heard the side door rattle. Tyler finally jumped out of bed, & by the time I got myself out of bed, he told me not to move. His eyes were so big...I knew he must have seen something/someone. While he'd been peeking out the front window, a guy probably not to much younger than us, with no shirt on and lots of tattoos, walked right out of our carport, across the street, and laid in the grass all casual of a neighbor's house, like he owned the place! Tyler called the cops and we left our lights off so we could watch the kid. The cops came and started questioning him and pulling out his i.d. for him. The guy turned out to be drunk, and had a baggy of cocaine on him. Tyler & I finally ventured out to check our carport...where we found one of the sliding doors to the van wide open! We usually don't bother locking our van but we learned our lesson! I don't think the guy even had time to look around in the van before Lucky scared him off...but I do think he was hanging out across the street to see if we'd been woken up or not, and planned to saunter back over to the van after a few minutes. The cops told us that it sounds like the kid might have a white van too and was confused....RIGHT. We had the cops look around in our van a little to make sure he didn't drop any drugs in our van! They hauled the kid off...and let's just say my husband has a much greater appreciation for our dog!! Tyler had never heard our dog bark like that...but I have...last year when Tyler was gone overnight, he barked like that at 2 a.m., and as I looked out the window I saw a man quickly getting off our grass & moving to across the street. Since then I feel very safe in my house with Lucky nearby!! Tyler was extremely "frazzled" this morning and needed to talk it out a lot. I've actually been very calm the whole time!? Every now and then I wish we had a smaller dog...because he is an indoor dog & this is a small house, but it's things like this that make me realize how nice it is to have him part of our family!

My next posts will be about my Mom's wedding that was earlier this month, and school starting! Sorry I'm so behind!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

When it rains, it pours...atleast in West Texas!

For the last few days, we have been having some crazy storms...that are so loud that it's been hard for anyone to sleep around here! Tonight Tyler decided he wanted to drag me down the street to play in the water. I wasn't too excited as he handed me the umbrella, but it turned out to be more than fun watching him wade out to his knees in the water...and even try to lay down in it! I had to hold his flip flops for him because the current was trying to sweep them away. At one point a garbage can floated down to us, and then it continued to pass a few more streets! Whenever it rains hard here, the end of our street ends up completed flooded. The ground here is so hard, and our lack of drainage systems cause some crazy flooding around here! The water level gets so high, that you can literally grab an innertube and go floating down the street (unfortunately we didn't have one)!! Anyway, Tyler said that was the most fun he'd had all summer, and would have woken up the kids to come out if they hadn't already been asleep for