Saturday, January 1, 2011

Three Birthdays!

Three birthday have occured since I last updated this blog!?! Cayden turned 6 this year and is quite the smarty! He is the very top kid in his class...and there we were worried that he wasn't going to be able to sit still and focus (he gets in his own little world, whether it's at home or at a store crowded with people and makes sound affects with his mouth as he swings his imaginary light sabers and thwarts off imaginary enemies)! His teacher is constantly praising him and says that he seems to be the leader of the class. Lately at home, he enjoys making credit cards, gift cards, and money out of paper for his "store" that is in his bedroom. He is also contstantly making books and even puts sentences in his books with his illustrations.

Zach's & Cayden's birthday are only a week apart so we celebrated them together! Zach was able to have his first cupcake and I think I can safely say that he enjoyed it, although he was VERY careful not to make himself too messy (he doesn't like messy)! Zach changes so much from month to month. Lately he enjoys climbing onto the kitchen table to see if there is anything to get into up there! He is always smiling & laughing, and like all our other children, he loves to dance! He dances very carefully though (slowly), and makes sure he puts plenty of squats into his dance moves to build up those adorable chubby thighs!

Shaylee turned "10" this year!! She loves school, especially the socializing part! She just started playing basketball and is really enjoying it. I'm excited to go watch her in her first game soon (volleyball was a little boring - the kids either ALL watched the ball fall, or they ALL called for it and ran into eachother)! She loves doing ANYTHING artsy and craftsy. She often helps Cayden with his book publishing, and has recently opened up her own shop in her room as well! :-)


tamikay said...

Looks like lots of fun! I love your photo shoot too!