Saturday, January 1, 2011

Halloween 2010

This year for Halloween, Cayden was a Transformer (Megatron), Shaylee was the Corpse Bride, Addy was Pebbles from "The Flinstones", and Zach was Bam-Bam! I made Addy's and Zach's costumes out of fleece and a little felt, and then made 2 bones for their accessories! These pictures are from our church Trunk or Treat, which is always really fun! Halloween fell on a Sunday this year and unfortunately the city chose to keep trick or treating on that day so we chose not to go out on Halloween night, but the kids were able to get plenty of candy through the trunk or treat and their school halloween carnivals! On Halloween night, we watched "Corpse Bride" and ate popcorn!

This is Steff (my husband's brother's wife) and her two kids...she made their costumes, too! I thought the Ariel wig was hilarious/adorable!
Grandma & Grandpa Caudle, and Tyson (my hubby's cousin)

These are the Kauer cousins!

Shaylee's costume creeped me out a bit...I'm not big into scary costumes...but she really wanted to be the Corpse Bride, so I did her make up and made her look creepy. When that girl has made up her mind, it's nearly impossible to change it!