Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Trip to the Kauer's

A few months ago I met Tyler's cousins, Christy & Tyson for the first time! We've really enjoyed getting to be good friends with them and can't wait til Christy and the kids are down here permanently (well for 4-5 years...which is considered permanent in this transient military town)! One weekend the kids and I went down to their beautiful home in San Antonio...and we went to the Zoo while we were down there! I remember my parents taking us to the zoo many times so it's a special place for me!

Addy, David, and Cayden

This picture obviously wasn't taken at the Zoo, but I had to throw it in because Zach loved their feeding chair...apparantly it's like the one in Calvin & Hobbs? It's pretty awesome!

"A" is for Addy! Addy LOVES the letter A so she was really excited to get a picture in front of one!

Shaylee & Indlyss...beautiful names for beautiful girls!

So precious...Zach loved holding Indy's hand while I pushed the stroller!

So this is weird animal comes from the GIRAFFE family...I remember it started with a "K"...where do they FIND these animals??!! We also saw something that looked like a was a DEER pig!

I asked my kids to get together for just one shot...this is what I got. Shaylee is enthralled in the map, Cayden is undoubtedly mad that he's been pryed away from his new best friend/cousin David for two whole seconds, and Addy and Zach are just doing their own thing. Thanks guys, you are such troopers to humor your mom. ;-)

Here's the only pic I have of Christy, but I'm sure that even from this angle you can see how gorgeous she is!

The trip was a lot of fun and I'm so glad that Christy and Tyson were so willing to house me and all of my hyperactive rugrats! We love you guys!!


tamikay said...

Fun! I'm hoping we can sneak to the Hogle zoo this summer.

WalkConkies said...

I'm up for a trip to the zoo too! Glad you guys had so much fun and have met some new friends!

Katie @ {Cowboy}Phraseology said...

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