Monday, February 9, 2009

Addy Mae

Addy's Favorite Things to Do:

*Dig in my purse when it's hanging on the doorknob
*Dig in the trash
*Eat dog food, and turn the dog's food & water dishes upside down
*EAT (she's never been a huge fan of baby food...she likes food that is more textured and chunky)
*Give Lucky (our dog) kisses and cuddle on the ground with him...and share her snacks with him!
*Play the Piano...luckily she likes to play pretty softly!
*Imitate...if you laugh at her, she has a very fake laugh that she does back at you. She also mimicks our actions. She also says "Mama" when she is sad or hurt, or when I tell her to say it. She says Dadda when she gets excited.
*Pull DVD's off the tower, pull books off the shelves, throw toys everywhere, and get into kitchen cupboards
*Making funny noises with her lips while she walk around the house...deciding which room she's going to make into a disaster next!!

Things That Make Her Laugh:

*EVERYTHING!! She laughs when I dance, laugh, sing, make funny faces, etc. She is SO entertained by everyone in her family, and occasionally is entertained by the little old ladies that LOVE to come over to her and see her smile when we go to the store...ANY store!


* Can walk very well now
*Has 6 teeth (4 on top, 2 on bottom...Cayden was just getting his 1st tooth around now!)
*Can sip through a straw...she enjoyed a little of my slushie the other night!! (Cayden was a year old before he learned that)
*LOVES walks...which is good because while Shaylee is in school and he's in Joy school, we'll be going on LONG walks!

Addy will be turning "1" next month, on March 16th. I probably should have waited to post this then but I figured it's already been a long time since I posted pics of her and told what she's been up to!! Watching her grow is so different than it was with Cayden! Cayden was a very happy baby just like Addy, but walked 9 months instead of 10 months...but other than that Addy has been developing very quickly! Enjoy the pictures!

**Something I forgot to add before...when I say "Come here" she laughs and quickly walks to me. When I say "what's in your mouth?" and put my hand up to her mouth, she opens her mouth and tries to spit whatever it is into my hand. She's always been extremely observant... seems she's managed to pick up good manners and obedience from that!? She cracks me up!

Looking Innocent...this outfit and the striped shirt below were from her Aunt Stephanie!

Going for the Trash Can

Permanent Marker...she's very good at taking lids off difficult things but luckily she just couldn't loosen this one! (I knew she had it because she was right next to me the whole time...I don't know if that makes it better though, lol)

"Playing Piano"

Addy liked playing Rockband!

I'm not sure what Cayden was doing but Addy watched patiently!

She was playing with Daddy's tie...then came back a minute later with it on! I was impressed to find out she'd done it herself, although then I knew that wasn't a safe toy!! She was so proud of herself and thought it was hillarious though!!


The Graham Family! said...

SHE IS SO ADORABLE!! I MISS HER! I can't believe she is walking that well.. and getting so grown up. Lucky is a way cute dog too!! fun! Sounds like things are going good for ya and I'm glad! Hope you guys are all feeling better too!


She has th most beautiful eyes. What a busy little girl. Fun times!

laska said...

Oh my goodness! She is so big! What a beautiful girl - I bet you have so much fun!

Garry Family said...

Oh she is so cute! I hate that I don't know her!! I am glad to hear she is keeping you busy though. That's so fun!

Mike and Lisa said...

Wow- walking at 9 and 10 months? That seems so crazy to me! Or maybe its because my 3 month old seems like a such a noodle right now, its wierd to think that SO much can change in just 6+ (short) months!

WalkConkies said...

She seems SO much older than Kassi now that she is walking!!! What a cutie patootie :)! Hope you're all feeling better!